PHOTOS: Freedom Reigns Reaches New, Sexy Heights In Latest Campaign


PHOTOS: The new collection from Freedom Reigns, a premium underwear line based in the United States, features underwear and sportswear. A typical Freedom Reigns campaign focuses on fitness models and staying active so the following photos are no exception. The two models climb around the city and show off their perfectly sculpted bodies.

freedom-reigns-part2-31 freedom-reigns-31 freedom-reigns-part2-11 freedom-reigns-21 freedom-reigns-part2-21 freedom-reigns-01 freedom-reigns-part2-01Photo Credit: Freedom Reigns

For more model photos, head on over to The Underwear Expert.


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  • Eric Auerbach

    Bad ad for underwear. Great ad for steroids.

  • AuntieChrist

    I just don’t get the fancy overpriced underwear thing…I mean yea those boxers I saw at Macys were great but I ain’t paying $21.00 for them and those were on sale…I mean why make some designer rich for something only me and my husband will ever see..? Totally stupid waste of money… Those models are gross…Like Janet Weiss said.”I don’t like men with too many muscles.”

  • Rad

    I wonder if those come in 4XL / 52-56 waist…?

  • balehead

    They look natural… the jealous should hit a gym already..

  • Rad

    @Rad: I mean… I look totally like that, all I have to do is go to the gym. I guess I could give up the day job, the weekend job, home upkeep, tending to the pets, the yard, night school and perhaps nix those few moments a day I get to share with my husband and just use that time to go to the gym for 10 hours a day. Otherwise I totally look like that.

  • Spike

    What, no pics of Tom Daley in blue speedos or underwear?

  • MikeE

    @balehead: Ahhhhhhh, there you go, you’ve finally answered the question.

    If you think those two guys look “natural”, then you have absolutely proven that you are a self-loathing closet-case.

    There is absolutely NOTHING “natural” about those guys.

    If your idea of looking “natural” is having to spend hours every day at the gym, then you are looking at a VERY sad and pathetic life ahead.

    If your idea of “natural” is devoting your life to the MOST superficial of all things – your physical image – then yes, you are really self-loathing. There is a lot of repressed hatred in you.

    In case you didn’t know, most “natural” people have flourishing careers and family lives and don’t have the hours and hours daily required to devote to being gym bunny steroid abusers.

    And sure, I’ll never grace the cover of a “fitness magazine”. but then, neither will you, more than likely.

    Of course, I MIGHT grace a cover for some other reason, probably for an achievement far more profound than “looking muscular”. Maybe for actually DOING something that benefits mankind in some way, shape, or form.

    Oh I know, I’m talking to a brick wall. it’s not as if Balehead can actually comprehend any of this. The very thought of people being happy with their lives is entirely, completely, totally alien to him.

    But some of us do have hopes and aspirations that go beyond turning heads in discos/cruising bars.

  • viveutvivas

    Not bad looking but I agree they are not natural, not that I have anything against steroids – just don’t pretend that it’s natural when it is not.

    @MikE, I disagree that it is an act of self-loathing to pursue building a hot body. I wish more guys in my neck of the woods would see the inside of a gym every now and then – I am tired of only having a bunch of obese losers to choose from.

    What bothers me is the proportions – do these guys only have upper-body mirrors? Their legs are completely neglected in comparison to their torsos.

  • AuntieChrist

    @balehead: I hear that smoking pot does wonders for angry,grumpy,judgmental depressives : )

  • Eric Auerbach

    @balehead: What about that bridge they’re posing on? You feel like buying that, too?

  • KittyLitter

    @Eric Auerbach: Someone’s Jelly.
    They’re not attractive to me, but they ain’t on steroids.
    Get your fat ass to the gym.

  • Paul F

    What’s all this talk about going to a gym? Silly boys, all you have to do is buy a pair of these undies and you magically BECOME a muscle stud muffin. I am right, aren’t I? That’s my take away from this advertisement. It’s just that easy.

  • Eric Auerbach

    @KittyLitter: “Jelly”? Are you a middle-school girl, or just one of those sad queens who think it’s witty to sound like one?

  • Tackle

    Those two are “definitely” on steroids. Anyone who says otherwise, are in denial, and just does not know what they are talking about…

  • viveutvivas

    @Tackle, I agree. It is funny how many posters live in lala land.

    There is hardly a male model nowadays who isn’t on steroids. They have to use them to be professionally competitive.. It’s steroids or starve.

  • MikeE

    @viveutvivas: I think you missed the point of my comment. I didn’t say that bodybuilding is an act of self-loathing.

    my comment was directed at someone who repeatedly professes that anyone who does NOT go to the gym is an inferior being. yet he continuously rants about the vapidity and superficiality of the gay ghetto.

    his identification with having a “hot body” as the sign of his self-worth is what I describe as being self-loathing.

  • Tackle

    @viveutvivas: When people who don’t know what they are talking about think of steroids, they are thinking of bodybuilders who look like the guys who compete in Mr Olympia or the Mr Universe contest, or have the extreme look that Arnold Schwarzenegger use to sport. To look like that, one has to have the right type of genetics, along with 4-5 different types of steroids, and most likely, HGH…

    The steriod choice of most male models, male fitness competitors and actors is Anavar, a (steroid) because it gives you size, but not extreme, along with a ripped, hard, dry look.

  • viveutvivas

    @Tackle, unfortunately as a DHT analog it also makes your hair fall out very fast if you are prone, otherwise I would be using it too. :)


    These guys are underwear models… isn’t it their job to go the gym and looked ripped? That is what they are paid to do.

  • Niall

    Bleh, too “muscley and bulky” for my tastes.

  • AmberMakitos

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