PHOTOS: Gap’s Gay Billboard Finds New Home In L.A. Store Window

Last month, the Gap made gay Angelinos smile with a giant queer-friendly billboard along Hollywood Boulevard (right). It’s since be replaced, but a staffer at the Gap the sign was attached to let us know the store, at Hollywood and Highland, is still showing its LGBT colors. (The Gap’s Robertson location, as well as the 3rd Street Promenade, will also be displaying Pride windows.)

From “Machine Teen”:

I actually work at the location that billboard accompanied. I’ve worked for Gap for several years and they’ve always treated me well and have never been shy about their support for our community.

The billboard has since been replaced but I’d like you to know that as of today, in celebration of Pride, we were sent the image to put in our window. In addition, we also has a rainbow tee display with gay couples holding hands.

I personally put those windows together with my visual team, which mainly consists of LGBT employees. Our entire store is proud to support our community…

I hope you can show this side of a company I’m proud to be an employee of.

Thanks! Now, about that employee discount…


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  • Bob

    Not only that, that ad has been emblazoned on the side of every bus in the LA area….

  • Diego

    I sent that e-mail, thank you for sharing this with your readers. I’ve been one for quite some time now and I’m proud to share this with my community. I hope as many Angelinos can stop by to show their support, even if it’s just a friendly “happy pride”.

  • Matt

    I’m in a major east coast city here that’s not NYC and I also have seen this advertisement here, even on billboards and in my city.

  • xando

    Mismatch!!! I kid I kid. It’s nice and it’s on a lot of bus shelters here in nyc

  • Mark

    Im in DC and its all over city busses. It’s a great thing in my opinion.

  • AG

    You pederasts got us, we will destroy you.

  • Jonathonz

    @AG: :P

  • AG

    In Moscow banned a gay parade in a hundred years, our vpered.Eto pobeda.My normal people are dovolny.Vseh fagot impaled.

  • Kcsierra

    This ad has even made its way to Dallas!

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