PHOTOS: Gay Superheroes Team Up At Griffin Sundays In New York


New Yorkers are usually known for having a minimalist sense of fashion: black coats, black shoes, black dresses, and black socks. But when it comes to Brian Rafferty and Shawn! Paul Mazur’s Sunday-night party at The Griffin, colorful costumes are the norm.

One recent do had a superhero theme, with gay partygoers decked out in capes, masks and spandex.

Rafferty tells Queerty about another theme they recently used:

“This past Sunday was our Sluts and Manwhores Party. Event though the weather was absolutely disgusting, 45 degrees and pouring, all the hotties still came through. This upcoming Sunday we’re throwing a ‘Wedding Party.’ Basically, we’re going to set up a big wedding-decorated photobooth, complete with a veil for one of the ‘grooms-to-be’ to wear.”

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Photos by JJ Mack