PHOTOS: Gays Of Australia, Take Heart! At Least You Have The Hunks Of “King Kong”

The King's Men (Kong Puppeteers) Landscape CRD JOHN TSIAVIS

Over two dozen same-sex couples in Australia had the rug ripped out from under them today when the country-continent’s High Court overturned a law that had allowed them to marry this week. While it’s a major setback for LGBT Aussies, at least there are other redeeming qualities in life Down Under. To wit, the musical production of King Kong, which features a bevy of Broadway-caliber beauties serving body and simian realness.

But, sadly, all good things must come to an end and the show finishes its Australian run on February 16 before heading hopefully to the U.S. fans of the show, or at least the men of the show, can get a free download of their calendar (as well as a few other goodies) here. And if you’re absolutely dying to see the show in its original incarnation, there’s a special holiday travel package.

So Australia, while it may be a small consolation, at least you’ve got one thing that won’t quit: some of the hottest dudes on the planet. And that’s something to celebrate. Just imagine if they could marry each other? Ooh, it would be too much for the world!

Check out the men of King Kong Live on Stage below (and their sexy shirtless performance of “Hey, Big Spender” here).

Arrival at Skull Island (Chris Ryan as Jack Driscoll in centre) CRD JOHN TSIAVIS The King's Men (Kong Puppeteers) CRD JOHN TSIAVIS Time Square CRD JOHN TSIAVIS The NYC Docks CRD JOHN TSIAVIS Dressing Room - Andy Cook CRD JOHN TSIAVIS Dressing Room - Maxwell Trengrove CRD JOHN TSIAVIS Dressing Room - Maxwell Trengrove Mirror CRD JOHN TSIAVIS Dressing Room - Sam Marks Mirror CRD JOHN TSIAVIS Dressing Room - Maxwell, Sam, Travis CRD JOHN TSIAVIS Sam Marks CRD JOHN TSIAVIS Maxwell Trengrove CRD JOHN TSIAVIS Travis Khan and Andy Cook CRD JOHN TSIAVIS

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  • yaoming

    Is this a strip-show? Why are all the guys so fit? And isn’t there supposed to be at least one female in “King Kong”?

  • ousooner1997

    I would monkey around with them.

  • jwtraveler

    @yaoming: Maybe this is “King Dong.”

  • jimbryant

    One almost feels pity for Australia’s gays.

  • balehead

    They’re hawt….Don’t feed the troll…..

  • Lynn J. Wilks

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