PHOTOS: Get A Peek At The Guys Of ‘No Pants Rides’ And Skip The Germs


In over 80 cities across the globe, guys and even some gals took to public transit pant-less on January 12th. Why would people gather to to do such a thing, you ask? We don’t really know, and we don’t really care. Some sort of hipster statement, perhaps.

But we do know that masses showed wearing only their skivvies (we are not fans of boxers here) up and surprised transit goers, giving them, in some cases, the ride of a lifetime. There was not a lot of Andrew Christian branded underwear, so we are assuming these folks were mostly not gay.

We’ve gathered some shots from the day’s events in the US, Germany, UK, and Hong Kong to bring the best to your screen without the mess.

Hitch a ride with the photos below…

On the MARTA in Atlanta

atl960x540No_Pants_Subway_Ride_Atlanta_7photos credit Curtis Compton

The BVG in Berlin

berlin 3960x540 berlin960x540 berlin2960x540 berlin4960x540berlinpants-subway-ride-berlinphotos credit Adam Berry

The MTR in Hong Kong

hkpants-subway-ride-hong-kong pants-subway-ride-hong-kong 226656_10151232512579150_1708088952_n

The Underground in London

london960x540 londonpants-subway-ride-london

The Metro in NYC

ny960x540 nycpants-subway-ride-new-york-city pants-subway-ride-new-york-cityPhotos credit Craig Ruttle

The BART in San Francisco

sf960x540 sf3960x540sf1960x540 sf1521700_10100352751091021_1040799735_n sf1545085_10100352751275651_440769534_nphotos credit Michael Short