PHOTOS: Get Addicted—And There Ain’t No Cure

Our amigos at The Underwear Expert got us hooked on Addicted, a sexy brand of briefs from Spain offering new designs for the warm-weather months. (Y’know, for when you just wanna frolic around in your undies.)

Addicted designer Eduardo Suñer tells the Underwear Expert that the line—a cotton-Spandex blend that includes boxers, jock straps, boxer briefs and even long johns—is targeting younger, slimmer guys.

“A young boy who begins to discover his personality,” is the kind of guy that Addicted is designed for, says Eduardo Suñer, Addicted’s head designer. “He is [becoming] mature and he likes to wear quality, comfortable and [well-]design[ed] clothes.”

Maybe there was a little something lost in translation, because these models are anything but “boys.”

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Photos courtesy of Addicted