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  • Jack

    Dear god, that first pic… :D:D:D:D:D:D:D

  • OH Charlie

    HOTT!!!! DAMN!!!…Queerty, GREAT job in bring him back….AWESOME body, GREAT looking guy and ink…LOVE pic #19, that says it all for me

  • Drew

    DA-YUM!! what a sexy man. I normally would complain about lack of thumbnails (which is still true), but I was hoping that one of the clicks would produce a naked Parker. Smokin’ HoT !!!

  • mikeandrewsdantescove

    Love the hand placement, pubic line and dramatic pose. Hate the tattoos. It’s too distracting.


  • scott ny'er

    @OH Charlie: #19 is very nice. Just goes to show you, it depends on the photo, because I’ve seen another pic of this dude, same pose and he doesn’t look as hot.

    I do like #1. A lot.

  • james p. p.

    oh, leave his tattoos alone. so he likes the ocean with seagulls… and… Medusa… and… Lady Gaga’s spine in the “Bad Romance” video. He’s still beautiful with gorgeous smile.

    And those wrist and ankle bands seem less like tattoos and more on instructional restraint placement… so i think it’s all HOT HOT HOT…

  • Brad

    Oh. My. God. Not gonna leave me computer for a few hours now. Thanks!!!

  • dvlaries

    Parker is quite handsome, and a killer body, but the pictures are too self-consciously ‘arty.’ I suspect there’s a much better set waiting to be done by some photographer less interested in imposing his own personality on his subject.

    I hope too, that a day is coming when handsome young men like Parker realize they look a lot better without all that shitty ink on them. That’s just the thing: everybody’s doing it; what once had been the province of the occasional, genuine maverick is now so commonplace it’s a bow to conformity itself.

    When they disrobe in gay porn now and are virtually covered all over, my first thought always is to wonder what prison they were in and how recently they got out.

    I won’t live to see it but there’s a whole nursing home generation coming of stooped people on walkers with faded ink all over sagging, wrinkled skin. It ain’t gonna be pretty.

  • demonW

    All those who love tatts…

    *raises paw

  • DR

    “When they disrobe in gay porn now and are virtually covered all over, my first thought always is to wonder what prison they were in and how recently they got out.”

    stereotype much, dvlaries?

  • edgyguy1426

    as soon as I get to the page with the ‘ad’ I’m done.

  • LALAcleveland

    …..i’ve never been jealous of a chair before….

  • Old Saggy

    Yeah, the tats are so hot, now. Do they ever think about the future? I saw an 80 year old man with his whole arm done, wrinkled sagging skin. You couldn’t even tell what it used to be, all bled into each other, discolored & wrinkled. Yikes!

  • alan brickman

    a very erotic man with nice big arms…very sexy….

  • alan brickman

    hawt guy…relax about the can’t see them in the dark anyways…

  • ChrisM

    Agree completely about #19. This man is gorgeous.

    And I think tattoos are sexy. Sure, they won’t look so good when he’s old. But who looks good when they’re skin is sagging anyway?

  • Frozen North

    It was all good, until the spine tattoo.

    The problem with ’em is that people just don’t know when to stop. They go one tattoo too far, and suddenly they’re catering to a niche market.

    On another front, does any one else hate the way these galleries load? The “Next” button really shouldn’t reload the whole damn page. 27 full page reloads for this guy! It’s a testimony to his hotness that I bothered. Usually I’m over it by page 15.

  • geoffrey ZuHone

    you could always hold control (or command if your a mac) and then click the links in succession……you have 27 tabs then and they’ll all be loaded after like you wait for two of em……. i know, im a genius lol

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