PHOTOS: Grindr’s 3-Year Anniversary Party Features Go-Go Boys—And Even A Few Girls

While the venerable Advocate was celebrating its 45th anniversary at the Beverly Hilton last Thursday, relative new kid on the block Grindr threw a more déclassé party at the cool West Hollywood club Eleven the very next night. Staying true to form, the party featured go-go boys clad in gold-zippered Grindr underwear and fake Grindr Xtra tattoos.

Needless to say, the crowd, for once in spacious Los Angeles, found itself zero feet away.

Click through for more images from Grinder’s third anniversary party

Photos for Grindr by Brenden-John photography

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  • DanChi

    Apparently they put “No black guys” on the invite. Fairly typical of grindr around these parts.

  • sheena


  • JayKay

    @DanChi: @sheena:

    Whiny & Whinier…

  • jason

    Grindr is an example of the over-commercialization of the gay male scene. We’ve become heavily commercial queens who over-consume.

  • Lumi Bast (@nugoyxi)

    I want a female Grindr, that would be so epic!

    I think the party is too over the top though, it seems it’s sort of the stereotype conservatives paint us as.

  • sheena

    @JayKay: and ur who….BITCHIER lol

  • ggreen

    Douche bags are in da house!

  • cdubois

    What happened to fashion?

  • Curtis

    oh grindr.. here is to easy hook-ups for the past three years.

  • David1950

    Pointless event. Might as well have a party celebrating a sex club or bath house or just have the Grindr party in a sex club or bath house.

  • Drew

    Hahaha the guy in pic 8 actually has a Gridr tattoo!

  • comus

    Urban gay culture at its worst.

  • Callum

    Wow, the comments above all seem to come from little Prima Donna’s who weren’t invited to the party.

    Grindr has it’s place, as do the Lesbian and straight versions. It works better in a metropolitan area than in the rural nether-lands where I live. It works better if you are younger and good looking rather than being older like myself. WAIT, perhaps all those bad previous comments above were by Little Prima Donna’s who are also Old Ugly Trolls?

    I have talked about Grindr to both a gay nephew who is 22 and also a 17 year old gay son of my BFF and they both think Grindr is hella fun when not taken too seriously.

  • sheena

    @Callum: ugly??? whast ur facebook lets see ugly lol…….besides that event…everyone could attend….ur just being bitchy….for well u love grindr for u can photoshop pictures then well if the person ends up to ur meeting place…..doesnt matter if u look like a meme troll from facebook….its the hornygayness u know lol…..grindr is transphobic……and transphobia inside gay community is not acceptable…there are so many hookup sites for gay men out there that embrace the diversity of LGBT… dont be a VETCH lol….not because u can hook up in grindr ur preddy!!…coz everyone could…even a toothless hillbilly lol

  • sheena

    @Callum: 22 is fine but 17 year old gay son…..GURRRLLL u gott issues….u gonna have some gay men sent to jail with ur actions GURRRRLLL!!! stupid

  • Callum


    “@Callum: 22 is fine but 17 year old gay son…..GURRRLLL u gott issues….u gonna have some gay men sent to jail with ur actions GURRRRLLL!!! stupid”

    Well around here 17 is legal! Even less than 17 in some States.

    “… grindr is transphobic……and transphobia inside gay community is not acceptable…there are so many hookup sites for gay men out there that embrace the diversity of LGBT… dont be a VETCH lol……”

    I am a 65 year old proud gay man. I am also Lesbian friendly. I am also Straight friendly. I am not trans anything phobic, but I am also not trans anything friendly. So don’t feed me any crap about how those within the gay community have to be trans anything friendly.

    Remember Sheena, Stonewall happened AFTER I came out! Sheena, you also need not call me a GURRILL. I am not and never was. I did participate in the first Gay Rodeo in Reno Nevada in 1975. I rode a small steer, didn’t last long but I did ride the danged thing. I also marched in the candle light vigil for Mayor Moscone and Harvey Milk the evening they were killed. We marched from Castro Street to City Hall. I also marched in the first gay pride parade held in San Francisco. Sheena, what did you do as a first to help the Gay community?

  • Franco

    Grindr seems like a breeding ground for racism and narcissism. But that’s an individual choice. Other make wiser decisions. Nothing depresses me more than confused sex-obsessed gay men.

  • sheena

    @Callum: blog voiced out get tear gassed on rally get hit by this police bat for rallying for trans advocacy and freedom to change my gender thru papers and fighting gay rights for EVERYONE……oh and im 24 imagine all that doing it all parades stuff in HIGH HEELS!!!

  • sheena

    it doesnt matter how old u are and how many bruises u get from fighting thru all this advocacy thingy u know….GRINDR IS TRANSPHOBIC THEY REMOVED ALL THESE TRANSGENDERED PEOPLE FTM MTF who wants a gay freiendly community or a community that fully embrace transgenderism….WHY WOULD I SUPPORT A COMPANY THAT SEGREGATES THE T TO LGBT….COZ GURRRLLL THATS THE T!!!

  • Lumi Bast (@nugoyxi)


    They should create an app for your people, lesbians, and heterosexual women/men so everyone’s happy!

  • Barca

    @JayKay: Hilarious…if you don’t like a company, don’t use it. If you want a Grindr for trans people then MAKE ONE! Stop the bitchiness.

  • John

    For the statement that one said about no black guys, I find that offensive, anyone was invited to go. That is just rude for you to make a statement such as that. I’m not about hate or racism, I think whom ever you are should keep your opinions such as this to yourself, it’s statements like that which start racist drama, so stupid and childish, it’s 2012 for crying out loud! photos look great!

  • TD

    @sheena: Why can’t we have our own? What is the problem with that? I’m sorry but you only get to load so many people on grinder before your limit is reached and if the that was taken up with transgendered people it would no longer be wanted. While on that subject. And I’m going to say it I am tired of the whole trans issue being wrapped up in the gay issue. I feel and majority of friends feel that they are 2 separate issues. Completely. Guys there are looking for guys. Not trannies. Start your own site

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