PHOTOS: Guys Over 50 Are Super Sexy And Here’s The Proof


We’ve been saying it forever: Guys over 50 are super sexy. Now, California-based photographer Tommy Wu and multimedia designer Alan Reade (known professionally as Tommy+Alan) have produced evidence to support that claim.

The “Men Over 50 Project” celebrates hot everyday guys who have made it past the big 5-0. The project features both photos of the men as well as accompanying one to two minute audio clips.

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“Many of the men in this project talk with us frankly about both their triumphs and their struggles,” Tommy+Alan write in their artists’ statement. “We felt it was important for you to hear their stories in their own words.”

The interviews include stories of surviving illnesses, struggling with societal conventions, dealing with ageism, and what it means to get older in a youth-obsessed culture.

Scroll down to see some of the photos from the project, and be sure to visit Tommy+Alan’s website to see more and to hear the interviews. You’ll be glad you did.

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  • Glücklich

    FUCK. ING. **A**!

    #’s 1, 3, 5, 6 – impossible to choose favorite among ’em.

  • Bauhaus

    Right up my alley. Not saying younger guys aren’t hot, they are, but there’s just something about a guy with some mileage. Yum yum yum.

  • Jon Mackey

    Yes they are :-)

  • Ron Pomerantz

    why wouldn’t we be is the question i ask…..

  • Glücklich


    Are you here? {making fingers-walking motion on forehead} ‘Cause I swear you’re right here!

  • Maude

    All of them are very nice to look at.Gimme some of that.

  • Sammy Schlipshit

    Say what?

    Just more ‘acceptable’ attractive faces with bodies that take hours and hours of maintenance.

    None of these guys look anything like the elder men I know.

    All this does is reinforce the stereotypical ‘types’ that are deemed acceptable.

    These T&A guy’s work serves as bad a purpose as magazines/ads aimed toward females that also show the aberrations rather than reflect real life.
    We’ve all seen what happens with that so why o why perpetuate the same horror on gay men….especially the younger and older guys.

    I hate crap like this.

    All this does is reinforce any insecurity we older men have regarding our faded younger bodies.

    Will be interesting to see if T&A can keep up their gym time when they are elder citizens.

    I will be interested to see when all this mania about body perfection obsession fades into who knows what?

    Sure glad I was hot and ready during the days when mustaches and plaid shirts designated ones appeal.
    Almost any damn fool could grown some hair and buy a shirt.
    Sure, we appreciated fit bodies but I am very thankful we looked at other things when looking for dates.

    Shallow and juvenile.

  • Stephen Mole

    I’m SO happy to see this. We, the over 50s are just written-off like old cars. I am one, my husband is one, and I like looking at them, there must be millions like me. Thank you Tommy, Alan and Queerty. I live in France and we just recently lost our quality gay general interest magazine Tetu which folded. I wrote to them exactly on this issue, the invisiblilty of the over 50s and the non-scene life of many, not only over 50s guys. No reply. Thanks to you anyway and good luck.

  • Chuyito Medina

    Gavrik Durán sera sierto? hahaha

  • Bauhaus


    Almost there – 49 in a bit… Damn, smoking hot men.

  • Glücklich

    @Sammy Schlipshit:
    We do look for other things. If it comes in a nice package that’s a bonus.

    Y’know the Eleanor Roosevelt quote about not being made to feel inferior without your consent?

    • Sammy Schlipshit


      Fooled me.

      Guess no one looks at this site to see some guy’s IQ or humanness.

      Without my consent? You seriously think that I need to give my consent to others for making rude, insensitive remarks?….or perhaps worse yet, acting as though I am invisible?

      Men are men. We always need to approve the ‘package’ before anything else.
      Ask any woman.

  • laurent7465

    Not the guy in the jock strap on the sofa, but the pic below of the guy in the Cobalt shorts is the only sexy guy of the bunch. Most look like they’ve lead a rough gay life and look to be in their 60’s. Not the best representation of 50+ guys. Maybe some are in their 60’s, who know, but kudos to them for trying to keep up decent appearances. Yes, I’m 50, and I ONLY like guys older than myself. But, this bunch does nothing for me. Sorry.

  • Bauhaus

    @Sammy Schlipshit:

    “Old age ain’t no place for sissies.”

    – Bette Davis

  • Corey Caporicci

    I don’t doubt it. It just doesn’t do anything for some people.

  • dwes09

    @laurent7465: last I looked, 50+ included the 60’s. Just so you know, it refers to everything above 50.

  • Matthew Farris

    Hot guys over 50 are hot. What a revelation. #yawn

  • Glücklich

    S’Good age. As I mentioned previously, Mr. Glücklich will soon be 49 himself and I could just eat him alive.

    He’s on this trip with me but goes to France tomorrow for three weeks where I am sure he’ll be lavished with plenty of attention, too.

  • Michael Carley

    Still a fairly narrow range of body types, tall. minimal body hair, buff. Why is guys who do not look like models are not shown. Where are the short guys,guys with a physical disability? Nope the stock standard “magazine homo”.

  • Tim Bernth

    yes we are lol…

  • Bill Norquay

    Ageism what a word you are as old as the men you feel LOL

  • Corey Tiblier

    Stuart Robertson–Heehee

  • jwtraveler

    Yes there are sexy men of all ages. Personally, I don’t think I’ve gotten sexier since I turned 50. Greyer, balder, more far-sighted, thicker around the middle. If that appeals to you, then maybe I am sexier.

  • laurent7465


    I agree with you and I stand corrected. – Laurent

  • Glücklich

    Two more words: Pound Town

    They’re not into his looks

    Everyone who’s complaining: Bitch bitch bitch. Wah never anyone over 30. Wah never anyone with a waist bigger than 28. Wah never anyone other than white guys. Wah it’s always Ken Dolls.

    How appealing does a 77 year-old type-2 diabetic wheelchair-bound burn victim on a fixed income with a colostomy bag and some congenital deformities sound? Anyone?

  • Kangol


  • Tracy Pope

    Had to look twice to make sure I was seeing the same page as someone commenting that they’re cookie cutter magazine type models. But no, it must not be the same page. I see men who have a slight belly, a good amount of “weather” on their faces and – except for possibly one – not terribly tight bodies. Normal guys. As far as tall or short? Well, I’m not psychic so I can’t really tell if any are actually tall or “model height”. Overall a good mix of guys over 50 who happen to be gay.

  • Jarodd Washington

    I’m 50 and I still look damn good how you doing?

  • Desert Boy

    Very hot.

  • Eoin Maher

    More articles about mental health in the LGBT community and less about looking attractive please. That’s how we can feel good about ourselves.

  • David Parker

    why all the superficial attention to sexy. Queerty is about shirtless young men or beefed up older men…what about just PEOPLE? Is it all erotic? Does it need to be about looks all the time?

  • Tom Remillard

    Definitely my guy is super sexy

  • Bob Shearer

    Jim – your picture is missing?

  • Fvk847

    that’s like trying to say Madonna is sexy; youth comes and’s reality and you have to deal with it.

  • GayEGO

    Hot! Hot! Hot!

  • Giancarlo85

    @Glücklich: Come on now… He is super active, skinny and a rock star. Even at 72. I know they might be after his money… But I think he is smart enough to see through that knowing his lengthy history with women.

  • Dan

    Its not just the gay community, its American society in general that is ageist. Straight women deal with this just as badly, if not worse.

  • Sansacro

    @Giancarlo85: Plus talent, charisma, and–damn–legendary status can make someone sexy. Looks are hardly the only thing–in fact, for me, less important than attitude and affect.

  • Conner Nickerson

    This just after reading the article about the sugar daddy!

  • dvlaries

    Note for the record, none of them is all inked up. Suppose that has a factor in the hotness…?

  • Bob LaBlah

    The most beautiful thing about hitting fifty/sixty is the fact you reached it by not being a fool and being able to see a painfully obvious SCAM when you see it. The smart ones sit back and let the fools click at their own peril.

  • maxxbot

    @Sammy Schlipshit: The older you are the more important it is to go to the gym, it is very important for your health and your dismissive attitude of it is silly. These guys aren’t just better looking than their peers who don’t workout, they’re much healthier. They can probably go do fun, active stuff without having to put up the lame excuse of being “too old.” When they get 65+ they’re going to have far less age associated muscle and strength loss than untrained individuals do. I know a guy who is 68 and while he’s not “sexy” he can deadlift 400lbs and do chinups with weight plates strapped to his waist. Someone like that is going to have a much better quality of life in their elder years compared to many people that age who can barely get off of a couch.

    • Sammy Schlipshit


      Silly? No. Maybe a little too dismissive but I wonder if on their deathbeds some of those guys will regret spending all those hours at a gym rather than taking advantage of life’s more wonderous adventures.

      If gals and guys want to commit to such things, well, go for it.

      Me? I’d rather be having more adventures and exploring the marvels of this short life span.

      Sure, those things may not be mutually exclusive but we all make whatever we think are the best choices.

      I’m willing to sacrifice some muscle tone instead of missing out on some other mental stimulation.

      Those who make the gym/physique choice will make very attractive corpses.

  • stranded

    @Michael Carley: I thought the same thing. A fit body will always be hot. Being over 45 or whatever, doesn’t make that much of a difference or make some big revelation.

  • Glücklich

    @Sammy Schlipshit:
    An hour a day, maybe four to five times a week, precludes adventure and exploration? It’s like an hour less sleep. Big whoop. Sounds like you’ve got poor time management skills. I’m sure we who are destined to make attractive corpses *won’t* regret being short of breath, sweating like a pig, gout, deteriorating joints and griping about the width of plane seats en route to what adventures we’ve been able to arrange.

    The same can be said of working in general. I prefer not to spend my reclining years chasing around flicking off lights to save a dollar and eating my only meal of the day at the senior center so I’m fine with spending a weekend or holiday here and there at the office. After hitting the gym, of course.

  • Bob LaBlah

    @Glücklich: ” I’d rather be having more adventures and exploring the marvels of this short life span.”

    I loved your comment. Tonight I invited two friends over to see the super moon. I pulled out my telescope and showed them a few planets and star clusters hoping they would try to understand there is more to life than a damn 401k and monthly statements. Isn’t it wonderful to stand out in the trees and realize how brave people had to be way back then when they had to do EVERYTHING by hand?

  • Bob LaBlah

    @Sammy Schlipshit: ” I’d rather be having more adventures and exploring the marvels of this short life span.”

    I loved your comment. Tonight I invited two friends over to see the super moon. I pulled out my telescope and showed them a few planets and star clusters hoping they would try to understand there is more to life than a damn 401k and monthly statements. Isn’t it wonderful to stand out in the trees and realize how brave people had to be way back then when they had to do EVERYTHING by hand?

    • Sammy Schlipshit

      @Bob LaBlah:

      Brother from a different mother.

      Take a hike…..swim nekkid….use your passport….volunteer to help your local homeless homo kids….and on and on and on….

      How terrific to offer your friends the universe.

      Wasn’t trying to bash all physical exercise just offering different ways to fulfill ones life that doesn’t revolve around excessive gym time.

      Most of us in this day and age have little to be very upset about. Sure, we’ve got brothers and sisters who may have horrible times surrounding them but in the big picture we have innovations and experiences rarely dreamed of before.

      My world these days revolves around gardening, attending and photographing events/people, productive time spent on my computer, talking to my neighbors, working against circumcision, doing as much traveling as I can afford.

      I am surprised as anyone to have lived this long….69 1/2. Helped a lot when the testosterone devil faded away.
      Sure I miss round the clock sexual possibilities but have learned to make do with what is left.
      If you are younger than I, it’s time someone told you that those erections don’t last forever.
      Use it while you have it.

      All in all, life is pretty darn sweet.

  • Bob LaBlah

    @Glücklich: Sorry, I sent that first message to you by accident. Apologies.

  • stnc

    I assume the pics of these guys doesn’t mean they’re all guy gays?! Nice looking guys, more importantly as far as I’m concerned they look comfortable!

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