PHOTOS: Hairy Or Smooth: Which Look Do You Prefer?

We asked Queerty readers how they felt about body waxing. Most of you said you preferred hairy to waxed. So now the question becomes: just how hairy do you like him?

Scroll down to see photos of the many degrees of hairiness. On a scale of hair-free to hirsute, how do you like your men?

Photo credit: Musings of a Homo/Mad Man

Photo credit: Hot 4 Hairy

Photo credit: Hairy Fuckers

Photo credit: ThickBlkMale

Photo credit: Hot 4 Hairy

Photo credit: Hhhairy

Photo credit: I Love Hairy Asian Men

Photo credit: Hot 4 Hairy

Photo credit: ExtremeHairyMenLover

Photo credit: ThickBlkMale

Photo credit: Hairy Men

Photo credit: Pelt Hunter

Photo credit: BlackDaddyIssues

Photo credit: Very Hairy Men

Photo credit: Hairy Men

Photo credit: Hairy Fuckers

Photo credit: Hairy Men of Color

Photo credit: Hairy Fuckers

Photo credit: Young Hairy Guys

Photo credit: Very Hairy Men

Photo credit: Pelt Hunter

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  • hotboyvb81

    well- we all know Tom would be furry if he didn’t shave- he shaves his chest/stomach- grooms his trail like crazy and has started shaving his legs- the pits will probably be gone within the year….I hate guys who shave chest/legs…it just shows how high maintenance they are!

  • Billy Budd

    Most of these guys are too hairy. I do like a little bit of hair, but not on that scale. They look like beasts.

    I also like smooth guys.

  • petensfo

    Well, I might not want to share the bathroom with the hairiest of the bunch, but I wouldn’t throw any of ’em out of bed either. :)

  • Daveliam

    Without a doubt, I find every single man more attractive if they have body hair. I find hairless and smooth guys to be weird and unnatural looking. To me, and especially on twinks, it reminds me of prepubescent boys and that’s not a turn on in any way, shape, or form. I don’t like them too hairy, though. The third guy down is a bit too hairy, even for me. However, #2 (the sexy ginger) and #5 are super hot.

  • Ron Jackson

    Judging by this and past articles on Queerty we certainly know what the editors prefer.

  • vive

    The ginger, the short white shorts guy, and the guy on the couch are very hot. But they would be hot regardless of whether they shaved.

    I do like some body hair, but in my experience the extremely hirsute guys tend to have an oniony smell that I dislike. It may just have been coincidence though.

  • uruz422

    All these guys would be totally welcome in my bed. No such thing as too hairy to me. Tom Daley is a bit too smooth for my taste, but I know naturally he seems to have hairy legs (and probably a hairy butt) that would be enough for me extend an invitation. =)

  • Black Pegasus

    I’m indifferent to hair on the upper body as long as it’s kept to a minimum. As for the lower body, hair is a must! A man who shaves his butt crack or pubes will not see a second date with me.

  • AdrianS

    Slightly hairy / semi shaved – ONLY with twinks under 25/26. Small stable on the face nice.

    Bushy bird / otter – NEVER!! what an ugly fashion. Hope it wears off quickly. terrible.

    Smooth – ALL men over 30. Especially dadies – smooth make them look young and hot, while nicely matured. Super sexy. Daddies with too much hair: YIAAKS. EW! POO!

  • carey579

    @Ron Jackson EXACTLY!

    The editors of Queerty all seem to be obsessed with hairy men.

    There are a plethora of articles with hairy men and praising hairy models/celebs/pornstars.

    Even in comparison articles like this – where are all the smooth men? All the other men except Tom are hairy. How is that fair?

    It’s like they’re selling an agenda!

    And to the idiots who say shaved guys look like prepubescent boys – go watch 300 and STFU!

  • ttzach

    @carey579: I fear you may be illiterate. The article clearly states,”Most of you said you preferred hairy to waxed. So now the question becomes: JUST HOW HAIRY DO YOU LIKE HIM?”

  • carey579

    ^ Even so! Do they need to have a gazillion shades of hair and only one clean shaven and even that Tom Daley?

    Why can’t they post a celeb like William Levy or a gorgeous model or even porn guys like the ones of AllAmericanMen?

    Because they have an agenda to sell.

  • carey579

    PS I find it very ironic and disturbing that one of the biggest gay site is so black and white on what is attractive.

    Hair obsessed queens seem to think that just because growing hair/beard/moustache makes you attractive.

    Either a guy is hot or he’s not. It all depends on the individual. Segregating them into groups and pitting them against each other just because it’s your site and you can is just the height of stupid vanity.

    We as gays should know nothing is black and white.

  • Merv

    Sorry, but a super-hairy chest is a deal-breaker, waxed or not. I like little or no hair on the upper chest, but am fine with it everywhere else (except the back, of course). But the biggest turn-off of all is shaved pubic hair. Yuck!

  • Fang

    @Black Pegasus: I absolutely LOVE that your post implies that you fuck on the first date. All good men do! O:^)

  • Blackceo

    Some upper body hair is ok, but I don’t want to be able to make a quilt, thanks. Back hair is absolutely out of the question. I also like hair on the legs. I don’t like completely smooth. Thats just…no for me. 4, 11, and 15 are about as much hair as I want upper body. Those guys are all hot.

  • Black Pegasus

    @Fang: haha! Touché ..

  • blondeboyz

    Some hair is fine but most of those pics made me throw up a bit in my mouth! If he looks like he grew a beard on his chest, or worse, his back, oh hell no!

  • ted72

    Who cares!? Hot is hot

  • tampaed

    Ted72… I totally agree… I never box myself into any strict category Every man is different Hairy, Smooth or in between each has his appeal..
    If they were lined up and I had to choose one?? LOL OK who made these stupid rules Cum on All you studs Party at my place.

  • Cam


    The only person here with an agenda is you. You freaked out on the last post like this, basically attacked anybody who dared suggest that they liked guys with hair more than smooth and kept over and over saying that because you liked no hair that didn’t mean you were a pedophile, and yet, you were the only one who kept saying that.

    Methinks the lady doth protest too much.

  • carey579


    It was YOU who first brought out that paedophile connection!

    If liking smooth perfect handsome muscle hunks is paedophilia to you then being attracted to any hairy men must be bestiality right?

    Because these men are hairy and monkeys and bears are hairy? That’s your logic!

    Call me a lady? Go fangirl over your favourite RuPaul’s Drag Race!

  • fevreddreamer

    hairy definitely hairy.

  • middleagespread

    I am naturally smooth. Couldn’t grow facial hair until late 30’s. Still get asked if I shave my arms and legs. Have to laugh and say take a closer look. The hair there is very light blond and baby soft. Wish I could be hairy like these guys, but genetics are genetics.

  • middleagespread

    Somewhere out there, there are guys that like smooth, chubby, men like me. Just haven’t found him yet. :-)

  • XBuzzerX

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and all that bullshit but Queerty makes me ashamed of being gay. The editors have no taste.

  • jazz4108

    I like a guy that not overly hairy with a little hair like Daniel Radcliffe and I love a guy with hair on his feet.

  • macmantoo

    I like a guy with just a little hair. I want to make love to a guy, not a rug. I like smooth guys as well, I certainly wouldn’t kick Zac out my bed nor Daniel Radcliffe either.

  • jonjct

    hairy, hairier, hairiest. ‘scuse me i have a fur ball right now. yum.

  • Elloreigh

    I see maybe three who I would consider too hairy for my taste, but I’d take the “too hairy” over the “too smooth”.

  • Jake357

    80% of the time or more I’m all about the fur. Some smooth guys can turn me on, but if I were choosing between two the fur is a big check mark in the pro column. A couple of the gorillas above are a bit too hairy for my tastes.

    And to the whiners above: Did you see how I said “my tastes”? We’re not dictating sexual policy here, we’re just talking about whether we like smooth guys or hairy guys. Stop trying to denigrate and shame people because they have preferences. It’s okay. There’s enough hairy people and smooth people to go around, so STFU.

  • rextrek

    Hairy is a Major turn on!!!!!!!

  • UWSguy

    best post ever!

  • AllenSF

    Being a hairy guy myself I love, love, love smooth guys all the way. I dislike hair anywhere except on the head! I know I am in the minority but we all have our preferences.

  • toberlin

    I am very pleased.For some of these men I`d have to visit a knitting course first.For me it`s not so much about “hairy or smooth”.Its more about that these men look more natural overall.The”Relaxed/Laid-back/Happy with yourself”-Look is totally my thing.My Faves are:
    1.JUST remember how sexy a belly can be/love the “NO THANK`S,Andrew Christian”Underwear
    2.SUPERFOXy…love his Bodyhair
    5.WANT him to play in my boyfriends soccer team
    7.PHOTO CREDIT says it all
    8.MARRY ME
    13.CANT stop smiling
    15.WANT him to play me while my boyfriend plays soccer

  • NJjoe


  • SteveDenver

    I’ve been with imbeciles who were both hairy and smooth; and encountered bright, sexy, playful and intriguing men whose body hair and body type aren’t the most important thing about them.

    The pictures are enjoyable, I just hate to limit my tastes based on looks or something as ridiculous as body hair.

    This is the gay equivalent of straight men who will only date women with huge boobs.

  • hotshot70

    #3 has ugly nips. When they show thru a thick mound of chest hair, it looks like he’s been nursing.

  • toberlin

    @SteveDenver:That BLOG is about: Which Look do you prefer? Not about : Which men you date and why ?But I agree with you.With the “Relaxed/Laid-Back/Happy with Yourself-Look” I meant more a attitude to live and not a specific “Look”.And this “Look” CAN come in all shapes and colors.I am general more attracted to people who look more “natural” because there are a lot of things to me are more important in a person than the Look.Im simply not so attracted by the Men who seem to invest a lot of time in their Look(always Gym to LOOK good/always on diet).That Carey-Guy claims all people(also all WOMAN) around the planet only like to have men who look like young Greek-Gods without any bodyhair or they are jealous( or hate on them).DIVERSITY IS An AGENDA BY NATURE.I am naturally blonde,skinny and might look like a female Gym-Bunny because I go to work on a bike(more than 1h everyday)love swimming, soccer and horse-riding and poker.I never go to the Gym .I do no diet.I do Sports for Fun.And most of the Gym-Guys who hit on me were so boring in their narcissism that they are simply no more on my radar. That is may be also absolutely stupid but is the truth.
    Men who only date woman with huge boobs/blondes etc. are more interested in huge boobs than in women.For just one date this can be also enough.

  • redcarpet

    @hotboyvb81: He is a diver though, hairlessness is kinda their thing for practical reasons. Maybe after he retires he’ll let his hair grow.

  • Maude

    Well groomed is the key.
    ….the less hair, the better.
    A hairy ass, is disgusting, a smooth ass is an invitation.

  • Maude

    ‘Back hair’ is the biggest turn off ever.

  • sekboi

    Shaved bodies look fake. Period. It’s a european thing and fortunately is changing over time. I’m seeing a lot more young guys at the beach that are not adulterating their bodies. I don’t trust guys who body shave. I want the real thing. They’re hiding something that is a trophy of puberty. I always wonder what else they’re hiding.

  • Vick

    I think is all ok, hairy chest is ok if its kept well groomed but the hair in the ass and back gotta go.

  • Vick


  • Hero Hu

    I prefer a good personality.

  • Rodney Church

    HAIRY, I want a MAN to look & feel like man

  • Martin Sims Camardella

    I like fur but it dosnt male exactly make a man look or feel like a man

  • Bill Mountrey

    I think he should come spend a week or two with me before I decide….

  • Greg Morse

    This is how I like it.

  • CL Lassiter

    To chose only one type is so limiting.

  • Darren Bowers

    Hairy 100% all the way.Grrrrrrr

  • Mark H. Brown

    I want me some hairy ginger!!!! YUMMY.

  • Sam Oropeza

    I love hairy.

  • Marshall R. Krug

    smooth. i want to see the guy’s face. in the pic above, all you see is beard and stache. he’s too handsome for just that.

  • Rudy Labsilica

    Sorry, what was the question?

  • Rudy Labsilica

    A hairy Asian!
    So envious… ??

  • Dennis Patrick Ellis

    I ONLY LIKE > men > HAIRY Men only( mostly* ) …….

  • Eddie Hernandez

    Stay hairy, I never understood why hairy guys shave. If it’s your beard, goatee or whatever, fine, but don’t shave your body nor your pubes, it doesn’t make your dick look bigger

  • Chris Tan

    Regardless hairy or smooth, I do NOT want anything which is RED!

  • Justin S. Bishop

    Shaving is for pussies (literally).
    “Him” ?????? furry?️
    Me: when it’s time to “clean up,” nothing shorter than a #4 guard…

  • Freddie Gary

    Scape love hot smooth guys

  • Jeames Granger

    smooth peanut butter hair men ??? ??? ?️ ??

  • Joe Hamill

    Love ginga

  • Zac Tipton

    Some of these made my boner go away

  • Ruben Valdez

    I say.. Natural is the best. Keep it furry. And for the comment about red hair, I say.. Oh hell yes!! Gingers are sexy as hell!!

  • Bobby French

    Smooth. Been doing it since i was 16 and prefer it that way. Not that I have much body hair that would grow nose to toes, anyway.

  • Steve Russell

    Either way. I can always get out my clippers. ;-)

  • George A Bussell

    Smooth but a beard or stache perhaps

  • Sam Vanderbush

    I like the hair, but shave in the right places.

  • Spike Al

    I say why is this a constant debate????? Omg! Everyone can like what they like and everyone can do whatever they want to their own body.

  • Sam McCloskey

    Hairy!!! Hate shavers. Love natural men!

  • Alan David Smith

    every guy is diffrent. people have tried yo get me to grow a beard forever. the truth is. after 3 days i look like i should be on a street corner shaking a cup. i have trimmed here and there. but i don’t do the bald thing. i say work to make what you have look good

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