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PHOTOS: This is what happens when you combine sexy with sweet

Like a lot of us, Michael Craft loves desserts and bakes well. He also happens to like men. Fortunately for us, he’s also a great photographer.
The result is Sweet Tooth, a lovely photo book of men frosted in sumptuous deserts.
“I picked this project because I wanted to put together a coffee table book and I like to work with a theme when I shoot,” Michael told Queerty. “Since I love dessert, I thought combining sweets with naked men would be ideal. My partner, Jose, came up with the idea of adding recipes since I love to bake as well.”
Michael was kind enough to provide a sampling of the 27 remarkably diverse photos from his coffee table book and some commentary on each model.
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1. Denis Kohler

I love how passionate Denis is about having sprinkles on his ice cream cone, so I figured covering him in sprinkles made perfect sense. It made a great effect.

2. Antonio Cedeno & Corey Evans

I love that these two are a real-life couple and were so fun and playful with each other. Antonio switched it up by either lovingly feeding Corey cake or force feeding him.

3. Andrew M.

Andrew came recommended from a mutual friend and did not disappoint. His favorite dessert was apple pie and I loved the way the glaze looked dripping down his body.

4. Jordan Richardson

Jordan has such expressive eyes. He’s extremely sexy and beautiful inside and out.

5. Ashland

I’ve been working with this guy for the last 4 years and he has one of the best asses I’ve photographed. So, of course, I had to have him pose with a pound cake.

6. Julious

This photo I felt really captured the fun part of this series. The expression and pose were just perfect in my eyes.