Classic Morning Goods

THANKS FOR THE PHOTOS: He’ll Walker All Over You–Again!

UPDATE — This Thanksgiving Queerty has lots of things to be thankful about — a brand new look, a community of respectful commentors, queer-tastic parties. But most importantly the plethora of shirtless men that can be found on the Internet. This weekend, we are brining you back some of the hottest Morning Goods models because, well, you and your closeted cousin John need something to talk about over the dinner table. We are starting the day in, err, with Dallas. Because he proves that just like our Classic Morning Goods — somethings stay just as hard over time.

MORNING GOODS — When you’re as fit as Atlanta model Dallas Walker at age 45, you must be doing something right. He says it’s just about working hard, playing hard, and loving life, but there’s a strict diet and exercise regimen behind this body, too. (Photos: Dennis Dean, Jaywellen Studios, Bubbaclicks)