PHOTOS: Hetero Guys Everywhere Are Making Out With Each Other To Spite Kim Davis

Screen shot 2015-09-18 at 10.23.04 AMHetero guys the whole world over are ramming their tongues down each others’ throats in an effort to stick it to Kim Davis.

#KissesForKim is a new social media movement in which straight guys make out with each other then upload the pictures and videos to social media to show Kim Davis that same-sex lovin’ is A-OK.

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The movement was started by two bros, who uploaded a video to YouTube with a message for the Notorious K.I.M.

“Dear Kim Davis, We want to let you know that  no matter what you do, love will always win,” the guys said. “What we want you to do is you’re watching this video is grab your closest friend, give him a kiss, take a photo or video, and upload it using #KissesForKim, to let Kim know that she cannot win… and that we also love her and think she’s beautiful.”

Scroll down to watch the video and to see a roundup of some of our favorite #KissesForKim images.

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