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  • Re

    Wow a handsome guy on steroids with a shaved chest! Should I jerk off now or what?

  • BK

    @Re: Did you even look at the pictures? There’s ONE where he has a shaved chest.

    I just think they all look like they came off a rentboy profile.

  • timncguy

    well, I can’t find Orlando on the internet doing more adult things if you don’t tell me his last name.

  • averageguy40

    I see no signs of steroids. Looks to me like he’s hitting the gym regularly. I think he’s handsome.

  • mark

    Lucky the guy(s) who does the adult things with Orlando….damn!

  • pete

    This guy is gorgeous! Hot and hairy. This truly is one of the only models lately who literally got me going. I’d let him have his way with me for as long as he could hold out. Damn!

  • Rock in Sunny FL

    Very handsome guy with a great body (he doesn’t look steroidal to me……just fit). Too bad there’s only one photo in the entire set that doesn’t have that stereotypical male model scowl. A little breadth of emotion (maybe a laugh or a smile or two) would REALLY be appealing on such a good-looking guy.

  • Jack

    Wow, he’s awesome! *drool*


  • patrick

    Daddy bear, oh Daddy bear!

  • Jeffree

    My favorite Morning Goods *EVER*

    If you hear extremely loud howling coming from the southeastern portion of the Mid West, yep, it’s me.

    I’ve said I don’t like tattoos: I officially rescind that remark!

    I have to stop posting & viewing now. The drooling will fry my keypad!

    @TIMNCYGUY: as the post said: His name is Orlando Toro.

  • patrick

    @Jeffree: DO NOT google him, or you will get nothing done for several hours. I should know. Seriously……

  • The Gay

    Finally!! You jackholes did something right!! This guy is drool worthy.

  • Jack

    @patrick: Sweet jesus, he’s so hot I could cry…

  • David

    Smoldering hot!

    How does the tattoo end up on his right arm in pic #11?

  • Tequila

    Can we see more of the other guy in picture 26?

    He looks more authentic and less like a used up porn star like this guy.

  • scott ny'er

    those are some nice pants in #12. I want those… and I guess the person in the pants isn’t half bad as well.

    ok. he’s really, really, hot.

  • patrick

    @scott ny’er: Y’all will have to wait until I’m done with him. And trust me, I am nowhere near being done with him……

  • Scott from CA

    So what’s the male version of a Butter Face called cause this guy is totally it.

    AWESOME body that I really want to do naughty things to, but then I look up and am horrified at that slackjawed face. Someone put a paper bag over his head so I don’t have to look :-)

  • FredB

    no trouble finding him on google or at least on gaytube….grrrrrrr

  • Jeffree

    Can anyone recommend a cream that treats unusual cases of extremely chafed skin? I have a friend who needs that sorely!

  • Texas Bill

    Last name is T O R O. You’re welcome.

  • EdWoody

    @Tequila: Search for “Orlando Toro gay porn.” One particular movie of note is Black Scorpion’s “Sex Hiker.”

    @timncguy: Actually, he’s more of a porn star than Orlando. That’s Francesco D’Macho, an Italian former fashion model who has filmed what seems like hundreds of porn movies for various studios but has now set up his own company called Stag Homme with his husband Damien Crosse.

  • EdWoody

    @EdWoody: Oops, got those replies the wrong way round. sorry.

  • robert

    orland toro is a sexy porn star whose work I am sure can be seen on gaytube or xtube and I am sure he is available for a fee of some sort if you want to get to know him up close and personal

  • declanto

    @David: OMG I’m in Lust!

  • Spen

    I’m so over the fashion and fitness models.
    Now THIS is what I’m taking about.

  • Enron

    I believe I have a Colin ‘O Neal video of him f’ing this huge ripped muscle guy and sucking his big C. Really hot! He has a nice C himself.

  • biguy

    @David: Its a mirror shot, the Yankees cap is backwards too

  • Sean

    @Re: Jeez Queerty can be so picky/bitchy. Twinks are anorexic and get comments like “someone buy him a steak” and muscle guys are on steroids and get comments like this.

    Men are hot. Period.

  • Gay Florida

    NOW we’re talking. A nice natural look, not over-beefed, tiny waist, not too primped or “over-modelled.” Send us a dozen!

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