oh snap

PHOTOS: Hollywood Hotties Come Out as Tri


OH SNAP — Jeremy Jackson (Hobie from Baywatch), Andy Baldwin (The Bachelor), Mehcad Brooks (True Blood), and Matt Schulze (The Fast and The Furious) compete in the Tag the World celebrity triathlon in Hawaii. (Photos: Splash News)

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  • alan brickman

    Great!! now you’ll say triathelons are too gay…can’t the straight brothers have any fun anymore….

  • pseudo

    .. And where are those ” Hotties”? All I see is middle-aged men in tights and sucking their belly in.

  • James

    Mechad Brooks is just utter hotness. I have mixed feelings about Jeremy Jackson’s obviously hot bod, but weird face/eyes. I have no idea who the FnF guy was, but Andy Baldwin has lost the hotness sadly. Something just looks off in all of his pictures.

  • Suburban

    I have no idea who most of these guys are, but I agree with PSEUDO. But I will say Mehcad Brooks is hot, he was on Desperate Housewives during Season 2 and they couldn’t find a good reason to have him shirtless? Pic 11 isn’t bad either, just not sure who he is.

  • Dave

    I have no idea who these people are…lol.

  • drew brown

    I was in a student film with Mehcad at USC and he was utterly charming, beautiful and awesome. I was a horrible actor but he was obviously destined for greatness.

  • Toby

    celebrities?!?!?!? who are these people? i get recognized more walking down the street than these people and i’m a nobody.

  • Suburban

    thanks Toby, nice to know it’s not just me.

  • InExile

    Who are these people?

  • WillBFair

    Thanks for the reminder that gay culture is hopelessly ageist. It had been three seconds since the last bigoted comment, and I’d almost forgotten.

  • SouLKid

    Anyone who doesn’t know Mehcad Brooks been living under some rock. The alway shirtless guy on Trueblood?oh well i guess some people wouldn’t care. He’s serious hotness though.

  • Suburban

    I’ve only seen Mehcad on Desperate Housewives S2 and he always had a shirt on, I don’t have HBO and I’ve only seen True Blood S1…Sookie’s brother Jason was pretty much 1/2 naked in all of S1 so I’m hoping the exploit Mehcad as much in S2…do they?

  • TheWorld

    I’m impressed. Jeremy Jackson was a meth-head just a couple of years ago. He was a mess.

  • Jimmy

    Mechad is smoldering. I hope they keep his character on True Blood for at least another season.

  • ...

    You know you can put more than one image on a page. Five pages is the most I’m ever going to click through

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