PHOTOS: Hot Guys Post Selfies In Observance Of National Nude Day

It’s National Nude Day!

All across the world, people are stripping down to their birthday suits because, well, why not? It’s July. It’s hot outside in most of the world.

The “holiday” is meant to raise awareness of the practice of nudism. Nudists the whole world over want everyone to know that going “au natural” is normal. It’s beautiful and should be embraced.

To celebrate this momentous annual occasion, we thought we’d do a roundup of hot guys showing off skin on Instagram.

Scroll down for the pics and a very happy National Nude Day to you and yours!

So apparently today is #NationalNudeDay. Or as I like to call it, just another Tuesday…

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Born this way???? Happy national nude day!! #nationalnudeday #naked #beach

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Just your average day at the office. #nationalnudeday

A photo posted by Keri Goff (@kerigoff) on

This sea breeze is fucking me up #nationalnudeday ??????

A photo posted by ????Bam Bam (@lookatbam) on

Well shiaaat lol #naked #nude #nationalnudeday #wearitproud

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