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PHOTOS: Hot Guys Reading Books

MORNING GOODS – Do you feel that? It’s the midsummer slump. But we know just how to spruce things up until Labor Day – with a long, hard, invigorating… summer read! Yup, it’s time to hit the pool, the beach or strip down and lounge in your air-conditioned bedroom as you warm up to a book (and whatever else you might hide under the covers). In need of literary inspiration? One of our favorite tumblrs, Hot Guys Reading Books, has given us access to some of the season’s hottest page-turners!

Images via Hot Guys Reading Books

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  • Lefty

    #14 looks like Heaven.
    Good work, Oscar!!!

  • Lefty

    und, #1 is the hottest guy by far!!
    Can I get him in Slightly Hairier?

  • EdWoody

    I’ll take #6 on a stick, please.

  • rayy

    #6–come to papa!

    Seriously, you expect us to believe any of these guys can read? lol

  • Yumm

    #5 and the ass on #11–although I’m keen to seeing more of the last group (so far away…)

  • Mar

    #11 has nice arms and what appears to be a decent rump. I hope he’s reading something deep.

  • Eric

    I think someone heard me. Thanks for the variety!

  • Thomas


    They are all white.

    I’m sure there are attractive men of color who also read.

  • NiceTry

    White, same body type, same age range. Go variety!

  • xander

    At least they’re holding the books right side up! Oh, I’ll take #6 and #11 wrapped up, to go please….

    In all seriousness, seeing a hot man reading is a turn on. Ever try dating someone who boasts he “doesn’t read”? That’s a no no!

  • Fitz

    #3 makes my blood flow

  • Paco

    I like the sophistication of 12 and and the slight ruggedness of 4

  • lee


    Exactly! Where are the Asians, non-white or mixed Latinos, blacks, etc.?

  • smacr

    I agree with Thomas, Nice Try & Lee. I’m a pasty old white guy, and pics of hot young guys are great. But where are the hot men of colour? And where are the hot men in their 30’s, 40’s, 50’s etc.?
    This seems to be an ongoing problem with the way that media (and I’m including gay media especially here)depicts people that are attractive and sexy. We only get the young whites, when there are so many more attractive men out there.
    Give me more men of colour (any colour) and more men of varying ages.

  • Swiss D.

    @lee: They are unconsciously/ consciously filtered away and will occasionally appear in gay media in stereotypical fashion.

    Aren’t these type of men what US gays are primarily conditioned to lust after?

  • Oscar Raymundo

    @Thomas: @NiceTry: @lee: @smacr: As you might have noticed, Morning Goods has just recently taken a radical turn in representing hotness in terms that go beyond the traditional stereotypical young, white oiled-up/bitch-faced/muscled-monster underwear model. And we will continue bucking that awful representation trend. Give us time!

  • Red Meat

    I was in a #14 last semester except we were all much closer and I had a boner the whoooooooooooollllleeeeeeeeeeeee time.

  • Chitown Kev

    I’ll take #6 (the guy is cute plus it’s got the best feet shots) but it is mighty white.

    I mean, try harder, Queerty.

    or just try.

  • EVAN


  • Ian

    Yes dammit! And where are the hot Native American guys? And the hot Inuits? And the hot-hairy-pre-op-trans-Indian nationals? Hmmm…? God, every time pics are posted on this site we have to immediately hear about who’s missing or how they’re too young or too thin or too old or too white. Christ, can’t we just look at the pics or not look at them? Does it always have to be a freaking tantrum about how non-diverse they are? Bitch bitch bitch…

  • kevininbuffalo

    #12, definitely #12

  • Mike85

    Am I the only one that noticed that #10 was reading Gyn/Ecology: The Metaethics of Radical Feminism it made me chuckle a bit. He’s cute too :)

  • Mike85

    @Mike85: And after reading some reviews of this book I will probably read soon too lol.

  • zrocqs

    @Ian: How’s ’bout you just look at the pics, Ian, and skip the posts. You’ll get your eye-candy, and the rest of us will be spared your dribble.

  • lee

    @Oscar Raymundo:

    Thanks for your reply. It’s great to see the return of Morning Goods. I think the questions on race are not a rejection of hot white guys but just that there were 12 photos and none featured any visibly non-white/mixed men.

    The old Queerty had issues with race and gender. Big issues, a lot of it from site readers who felt free to spout their racism, sexism, etc.. It’s nice to read that the new team recognizes this. I was impressed recently when a Queerty editor to some misogynists to task for calling women “bitches.” So, bravo to the new team for at least recognizing this.

  • Ian

    @zrocqs: So I suppose you enjoy the tantrums and constant bitching. Great for you. I actually read the posts as well.


    Really????.. Miss Queerty is a mess… but why shuld i be shocked. I really think Queerty has the assumption that all gay men have the same taste and some how brown or yellow skin ain’t “hot” unless it’s attached to something white..SMDH.. A damn mess….

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