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PHOTOS: #HotBoysForBernie are exercising their right to post thirst traps

Move over Bernie bros, there’s a new testosterone-laced subset of Bernie Sanders supporters distinguishing themselves on social media. The #HotBoysForBernie have arrived with a call to action and something vaguely resembling a message.

Twitter user ‘Hot Girls For Bernie’ started the hashtag, proclaiming all Sanders supporters to be “hot” and encouraging guys to share selfies to support Sanders.

The post reads:

“An online campaign of hot boys around the country following the lead of the courageous #HotGirlsForBernie to support Bernie Sanders going into the crucial Iowa Caucus. Everyone who supports Bernie is hot, so do not hesitate to participate. Down with billionaires and conventional standards of beauty. Post a hot selfie and hashtag #HotBoysForBernie.”

So without further ado, meet the #HotBoysForBernie:

One supporter posted the “original”:

Others just came to watch: