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PHOTOS: Hottest Men Of The Boston Bruins


It’s getting hot on the ice! Like we reported the other day, the Stanley Cup Finals are on and Chicago is going nuts over their Blackhawks (it’s easy to see why), in part because all their other teams suck. But Bostonians have their own reasons to be excited about hockey this year. One, they’re probably just happy to not be sheltering in place while SWAT teams and black helicopters roam the neighborhood looking for a tweeting, unarmed 19-year old (turns out stuff actually does happen when you’re high, Dzhokhar). Another is the beef quotient of their Bruins. Just look at those adoring fan boys: “His hands are so soft!” So here’s another purely subjective and superficial look at some would-be champions: these are the Boys of the Bruins.

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  • Jackhoffsky

    Tyler Seguin (pic #5) is one of those guys that just looks damn sexy no matter what. He looks great in a suit and tie, he rocks a t-shirt, he looks good with his clothes off, clean shaven or scruffy.

    He has a very sexy versatile look which makes him… that much sexier…

  • balehead

    This is what real masculine looks like…

  • Jonty Coppersmith

    Patrice Bergeron!

  • jkb

    DAYUM!!! Nice set!

  • TVC 15

    Andrew = Yum. I love sexy, muscley dudes who are kinda geeky looking, too.

  • brhorton3724

    6’9″, forget the 6′ lets talk about the 9″

  • Crankycub

    The Chicago Blackhawks definitely win for being hotter. That Niklas guy looks 12 – ugh.

    None of these dudes except the last one can hold a candle to Patrick Sharp.

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