PHOTOS: How Did We Forget How Friggin’ Hot Cheyenne Jackson Is?


July Attitude cover star Cheyenne Jackson: 36, star of stage (Damn Yankees), television (30 Rock, Glee) and film (United 93, The Green). Oh yeah, and he has a new single, “Drive,” and an EP of the same name coming out in July. All that, and he looks like this?

Life is officially not fair.

Photos: Joseph Sinclair

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  • Kevin

    Wow, I did not know he was THIS delicious.

  • Erich

    Wow is right.

  • Anthony

    I love Cheyenne so much, and I personally find his looks to be sexy, but I’d never classify him as a main stream hottie. He’s more like an acquired taste for most…

  • hf2hvit

    Guess he overdosed on razor blades…

  • n900mixalot

    I don’t see it … but to each their own. I guess he has a pretty eye color and an interesting nose. But he is nowhere near as sexy as many of the men I see out in real life from day to day.

  • w.e.

    All the catty and jealous comments aside, he has very handsome strong features that play well on the screen. He is not “too pretty”, but rather has a very interesting and striking face. By all rights, he should be in leading man roles by now, instead of the supporting ones he’s usually slotted in – that is, in a perfect and fair world.

  • Kenneth

    love him, but he’s hot until that big purse falls out of his mouth.

  • Pete N SFO

    Who forgot?

    Great lookin’, funny, & he can sing to me. I’ve loved him from the moment I laid eyes on him.

  • mason

    Most gay bullying is from other jealous gay guys…

  • mason

    Or Adam Sandler….

  • Matt

    That Elivis lip-curl thing he always does is stupid.

  • hudson

    @Pete N SFO: exactly, who forgot? i know i didn’t. would have loved to see more of him on 30 Rock. he played very against jenna. and, he was supposed to be a canadian………….hilarious.

    @#11Matt -maybe he has a defective lip muscle. he can’t be totally perfect.

  • issues of the day

    Any gossip on his “MZ” tattoo?

  • darkorient

    He’s hot and I love his lips

  • Chadboy

    Not hot. Quite bland and generic looking.

  • Franco

    He is very hot, but I have to ask, why does it matter? If he weren’t would he have less value in the community?

  • Kevin

    He’s gorgeous in these pics. I think he is incredibly talented and philanthropic to boot!What’s not to love? Also, it wouldn’t be Queerty without all the snarky comments.

  • Joseph

    @Kevin: Agreed. I think he’s beautiful, very talented and very giving of his time and money to worthy organizations. The guy is gay goodness all around.

  • Well

    Looks nice shirtless (and otherwise). If some if these critical posters apply their exacting standards in real life I won’t be surprised if they end up bitter old lonely queens. I just wish he wouldn’t use so much product in his hair – a gelled up sculpture on your head is NOT attractive, least of all in person.

  • Roxorz

    Hot and seems like a nice guy… Did he ever cop to that nude shot being him?

  • Jeffery Allen

    Little Nell: ” He’s OK.”
    Frankenfurter: ” OK? OK?! I didn’t make him for YOU!”

  • Hephaestion

    He is great in “The Green,” a damn good little movie. I will never understand why he was used so little on “Glee” or “30 Rock” while they had Gwyneth Fucking Paltrow on “Glee” nonstop and Tracy What’s His Name who said “I’d kill my gay son” on “30 Rock” nonstop. It makes no sense. Cheyenne is hotter than anyone on TV and has the best singing voice I can think of. And he can dance, too. He & Ricky Martin should do a show together!

  • Lefty

    Wow, I’d seen him before – and I;d seen his eyes and his nose and his hair and his face.
    BUT I didn’t know those eyes and noes and hair and face were HIS!
    I’m shocked.

  • JDM

    That’s “hot”? He looks like a slightly more square-shaped version of Bruce Campbell.

  • Sea.C.writer

    To the fem bashing “str8 acting” nut jobs belittling him…You put a dang c-ck in your mouth. THAT’S PRETTY FEM. So is making catty comments about another man’s looks. Check yourself.

  • IonMusic

    @ SEA.C.writer

    AMEN! and well said

  • MJ

    He’s gorgeous. The “straight ACTING” crowd on here don’t think anyone is masculine enough for them. Why? because they are playing a form of drag. No truly masculine man sits and observes the masculinity of every single man and makes snarkly remarks about it. Only a repressed man who is playing the role of masculine does that. A pathetic role many gay men play (but as noted above, gay men who preach about how masculine they are are ALWAYS some of the most fem men you’ll meet when know one is watching. So tragic)

  • Steve Jonasen

    He’s beautiful, with a beautiful giving heart and more importantly, is proud to be himself and isn’t hiding in some closet…which is what makes him MOST appealing to me.

  • Red Velvet

    To those of you make bitter comments against this great looking guys appearance- post your facebook links here and let us have some fun judging your features. Come on. DARE one of you too. I dare you….

  • Kevin Mendoza

    Let’s just call it out: it’s black posters bashing him because they are bitter at white handsome men and constantly make it known, so they hide behind these handles and bash any good looking caucasian man. Reverse racism is still racism.

  • Jay

    @ Kevin Mendoza

    I’d be lying if I said that thought didn’t cross my head. Considering how often we hear black gay men put down any LGBT who isn’t black on here (and will say so too). And before I get called a cracker, I’m Asian and even I notice the constant complaining from said demographic who find no fault in bashing anyone who doesn’t share their skin color.

  • Michael L.

    This man is gorgeous. I agree with others that the person bashing him is probably not getting much attention for their looks. Bitterness breeds jealousy.

  • Mario

    Breaking down his features…his nose, and lips and skin? does that make you feel better about yourself? to rip someones looks apart?
    Pretty sad I’d say

  • RileyRoads

    Some people think he’s very attractive. To those who disagree and feel the need to knock him, why? And so what if he’s not attractive? does that make him like less of a person?


    and for the record, I think he’s not only attractive but doing lovely things for the LGBT community.

  • UsualPlayers

    I think people have different taste. He’s a classically good looking guy, but he’s not my type. He seems like he’s just about to turn into big muscle to me. I am not turned on by big muscle. Or big anything or too small. When it comes to body size, I am a “you have to hit that fit, not hulking size that I like” kind of guy

  • Eric in Chicago

    He called in sick when I went to NYC to see him in a musical – all is forgiven if I can kiss him.

  • AshNYC

    He is very handsome, @ kevin Mendoza & jay…..I thought he identified himself as being a person of color….not that it matters.

  • michael

    He’s a fantastic looking man. For those who think he overuses the razor well his heritage is native American so he’s naturally smooth.

  • Thomas Duffy

    his nipples are SO suckulet’s. I mean succulent.

  • Esculapio Mitiríades Torquedama de la Cueva

    Are some people in here really pretending this gentleman isn’t a delicious piece of manliness? Maybe some of you are living in -500BC Olympus, and all you see around you are Greek gods; if so, good for you. Meanwhile, here on modern day earth, I’m more than happy to ogle on tasty eye-candy like this.

  • UsualPlayers

    Apparently the idea of different people having different taste is not acceptable.

  • James Angus

    I met him and and his partner several years back on a cruise and not only is he attractive and talented but he’s also a very nice guy!

  • Some Random Guy

    @James Angus: I’m really glad to hear he’s a nice guy in real life!

    As for the lip thing, it seems involuntary, maybe his partner just has a big schlong and the oral sex does it. Well that’s what I prefer to believe anyway.

  • Owen

    @Matt: Stupid hot!!

  • UsualPlayers

    Who knew commenting on whether one finds one attractive meant one was making a statement about his personality.

    This certainly explains a lot about the focus on looks in certain part of the gay community. Good looking to you equals nice personality.

    For the record, I have read this guy is a nice guy, but he’s a nice guy outside he’s considered good looking or not and vice versa

  • Codswallop

    I hate him, I hate him, I hate him!!!!

    OK, not really. I’m just jealous that he won the genetic lottery.

    And if the rest of you would admit it, that’s where most of the bitter posts come from too.

  • Some Random Guy

    @UsualPlayers: I advise you to avoid the comments about a certain Canadian, cannibal murder / cat killer (who Queerty seems oddly obsessed with, for some reason). Some depraved idiots defend him, apparently because they think he’s cuuuuuute! Barf.

    Merely hoping that Cheyenne Jackson might have a nice personality to match his nice looks hardly seems that bad, by comparison, but I get what you’re saying.

  • ByeSecual

    @ChykolateDrop: I found it odd that Kevin M. and Jay only metioned black gays. I work with 2 awesome black gay guys and they don’t seem to be catty in the least, matter of fact most gay black people I’ve come in contact with were more pleasent than their white counterparts, so I’m wondering what would make them post such garbage? To stay on topic Cheyenne Jackson is most certainly a walking orgasm.

  • UsualPlayers

    Its not bad to hope so long as that’s what you know you are doing

  • Kyle215

    For the record I’m a white gay man. I’m sure Cheyenne is nice, BUT I don’t find the man attactive. He is the typical gay look that most of the “community” finds appealing. I’m not a fan of that overly process looked. I like a man who is a bit more real and natural. The minute that a guy waxes his chest is a turn off to me. I don’t judge any of you for finding him good looking so why do you get up in arms when others don’t find him attractive?

    Many guys claim that the men who don’t like Jackson’s looks must be ugly. That is just a crazy assumption.

  • shannon


  • Kevin

    This thread is insane. I’m not even sure what it’s about anymore?

  • Hey now

    As much as I hate fem bashing gays, I also hate this comment – “You put a dang c-ck in your mouth. THAT’S PRETTY FEM.” What does sucking dick, or any sex act for that matter, have to do with being masc or femme? That’s just dumb.

    Anyways, back on topic – he is hot. There.

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