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PHOTOS: How Gay Was Your Summer Camp? (Hint: Not This Gay)

If the streets of Chelsea seem a bit empty this Sunday afternoon, you may want to check the Cabanas at the Maritime Hotel. There you’ll find Michael Cohen’s weekly Summertime lounge-fest, Summer Camp, along with every fashion of tank top you can imagine. And with New York temperatures set to stay in the high 80s through the weekend, you’ll no doubt want to lose the sleeves too. This week is sure to be extra campy as Michael celebrates his bday–hope it’s a good one! If only Summer camp was like this when I was 14…

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  • pithyscreenname

    Is this the same 4 people over and over again. Its hard to tell the difference.

  • Stace

    Whats with the racist Indian head garb? Might as well be in blackface too.

  • Jonathan

    Hands down hottest guy — photo #2 far right guy with Indian headgear and luscious lips

  • Aiden

    @Stace – You’re a tool.

  • Nick

    #6 (L) looks like Bravo’s Jeff Lewis

  • akn

    That is the whitest party I have ever seen…

  • @Aiden

    and you’re an idiot. fuck, the readers on this site can be dense. the white-person-wearing-native-headgarb thing is disgusting and fucking annoying. especially when its given an easy pass.

  • Edgar

    I agree with Stace. Hipsters need to stop thinking it’s okay to wear headdresses. We’re past the age where playing Indian was cute or acceptable.

  • mike128

    I agree with Stace and Edgar. The “Indian” headgear would be offensive to most native americans, and also to anyone who thinks at all about race issues.

  • Rilo

    That has got to be the gayest klan rally ever.

  • Armand

    @mike128: Give me a break.

    You might as well ban Halloween and Lady Gaga’s costumes.

    As gays we should know better than suffer under political correctness.

  • declension

    @Armand: Suffer under political correctness? Fuck you. Fuck your bullshit privilege and the fact that you think it’s “suffering” to be told not to dress up like people who’ve been systematically oppressed and, particularly in the case of indigenous peoples, slaughtered so your ancestors could have a whole new continent all to themselves.

    Fuck you for equating a piece of important cultural heritage to a halloween costume and defending these vapid twinkie nightmares for doing the same.

    Get some fucking perspective.

  • McGullen

    @Stace: Seriously?

  • Henry

    The guy in the purple shirt – pic 10 is so cute.

  • Oh Dear (John From England)

    Wow you guys are a real laugh!

  • MikeE

    I sort of get the “summer camp” reference – the guys in this pic all look VERY young.
    So, was this an event restricted to ONLY attractive 20-yr olds? It seems unusually non-representative of the gay community at large.

  • Henry

    @MikeE: Whoever chose the pictures for Queerty wanted the hotties… obv!

  • Armand

    @declension says: “Fuck your bullshit privilege…”

    Chill out man. If you are living in America, may be you should move out of the continent, and go to Iran, you know…because of imperialist guilt against the native Indians.

    Do I need to spin a worn out vinyl of John Lennon’s “Imagine”?

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