PHOTOS: Hundreds Of Naked Bikers Overtake The Streets Of Lima

A gaggle of concerned cyclists stripped down to their birthday suits and rolled through the streets of Lima, Peru last weekend in an effort to protest traffic problems and promote more bicycle-friendly policies in their country.

“Ciclonudista” is an annual event where men and woman get naked, mount their bicycles, and pedal through the capital. The purpose of the ride is to raise awareness about the deadly traffic problems that have plagued the country for years. According to one report, as of 2011, “the leading cause of death for children aged 5-14 years — who typically walk to school — and the second-leading cause for people aged 15-44 years.”

The bicyclists hope to reduce that statistic, while at the same time burn a few calories and work on their tans.

Scroll down to see photos from last weekend’s naked bike-a-thon.