PHOTOS: Hunky Sebastian Stan Brings A Six-Pack To Broadway’s “Picnic”


 William Inge’s Pulitzer-winning classic Picnic has returned to Broadway in a striking new production starring Ellen Burstyn, Mare Winningham, Reed Birney, Elizabeth Marvel, Maggie Grace and Gossip Girl hunk Sebastian Stan, who makes it damn hard for audiences to focus on the plot when he struts around the stage shirtless.

Stan has played gay “royalty” twice—once as the closeted Prince Jack on Kings, and again as the openly gay son of a former president in Political Animals. Here, the brooding 29-year-old is impulsive heterosexual Hal Carter— a role once played on Broadway by a young Paul Newman.

Check out stills from the show below. And catch Picnic at the American Airlines Theater through February 24.

h/t: Superhero Fan