PHOTOS: Ian Somerhalder Got Naked And Had A Beer In The Bathtub


As if we really needed another reason to love Ian Somerhalder

The handsome undead star of the CW’s The Vampire Diaries recently stripped down and had a beer in the bathtub for celebrity photographer Butch Hogan. As part of the photoshoot, Ian also ate some Chinese food in bed and made love to the lens for some glamour shots. (Let’s be honest, though. You only clicked here for the naked bathtub shot.)

Below are a few more shots from Butch Hogan. To see the entire shoot, visit Butch Hogan’s website.

butch_hogan_ian_somerhalder_04 butch_hogan_ian_somerhalder_08 butch_hogan_ian_somerhalder_02 butch_hogan_ian_somerhalder_03_1000

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