PHOTOS: Idris Elba Addresses His Allegedly Massive Member

Idris Elba is a damn fine actor, and we hate to reduce our coverage of him to something as silly as what may or may not be swinging between his legs.

Oh who are we kidding, let’s examine the evidence.

Earlier this month some highly suggestive photos made the internet rounds, showing what appears to be a jaw-droppingly large creature living in Idris’ pants.

Exhibits A through C suggest some serious D:


Well despite our collective fantasy of this being the real deal, Idris addressed the photos on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night to clear the air.

His culprit? A “microphone wire.”

Is Idris trying to keep the exclusive on his huge story or is he merely the victim of a faulty chord?

Here he is defending himself:

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  • Tackle

    AhHa… So I believe we have the truth. Idris can hurt you. If he’s not ” careful” put you in the hospital. Reading between the lines, I say that’s all him and all real. He’s a serious actor, who takes his craft serious. And would prefer to be known for his ability, not what’s between his legs.

    I bet he’s more embarrassed than flattered by the attention being given there. And he says that when he seen it on CNN, he says,
    ” this has to stop.”
    So he gives a weak explanation by saying, ( and not convincingly) and asking a question: ” what does it look like?” “It looks like a mike.” Well he should know FORESURE if it was a mike…

    This is probably the last time see him freeballing. Dude wont leave his house without some type of support.

    I bet this is the last time

  • Desert Boy

    Isn’t this story about a month old?

  • Sweet Boy

    I’d like to sing karaoke with that microphone

  • Blackceo

    Real or not that man is so damn sexy. And he’s got that British accent?!!!! Lord yes!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • throwslikeagirl

    I just saw a pic of him at the Emmys, and he’s huge. Not as huge as these pics, which don’t even make sense, but huge.

  • Kangol

    Oh Idris, tell the truth, the reason you had that mega, er microphone down there was because your real piece was in my mouth. Oops, did I just reveal that secret?

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