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  • MikeE

    because nothing says “leather event” like wearing a harness and a cupcake hat

  • DrewSF

    SOMA is now a joke compared to what it once was like, and the same goes for Folsom St. Fair and Up your Alley/Dore Alley they’re just tourist traps now. Then again leather itself has become a total joke for decades ever since they started doing contests for it like IML and others.

  • Peter

    LMAO I agree Mike E then again men into leather do not know the first thing about actually being masculine.

  • MikeE

    actually, I don’t judge at all.
    you get off on leather? cool. it’s not skin off my nose.

    it’s just that there seem to be a lot of people who think “I look awesome after spending years at the gym, what could I wear to expose myself in public as much as possible?”.

    and THESE people end up being the “face of the leather community”.

    I’ve known tons of leather dudes, and trust me, not ONE of them would be caught dead with a “cupcake hat” on their head.

    And yeah, the guys I knew were a mix of ultra-masculine (in and out of their leather attire),and pretty fem guys. But the important thing was, these were guys who actually shared a fetish for leather wear and the associated activities.

    Not it’s like the minute there’s a leather event, the muscle twinks come out of the woodwork with their borrowed chaps and pink leather harnesses, in their spike heals.

  • Let's be honest here

    @MikeE: Most of those “ultra masculine” leathermen you know once you get them home their legs go in the air and they beg to get fcuked just like a woman! They’re actually not as “ultra masculine” as you and they think they are. ;)

  • dynosaurusrex

    Um, hello haters. This event is in San Francisco. The thing that makes this city so great is that to some extent the great gay clans can actually mix and have a good time. The Lone Star (home bar of the bear “movement”) for example used to be the kind of place where you would be thrown shade if you were underweight and not in flannel. It’s not like that anymore and you know what? It’s a lot more fun. Masculine guys are hot but masculine guys who can hang with fem guys and not be threatened are way hotter. Put the perversity back in perversion!

  • ChrisSF

    DynosaursusRex actually the Lone Star is way more cliquey than it was back in the day, and even back then I never saw anyone getting made fun of or if you want to use the MARY term “Thrown shade” because they were not fat and not wearing flannel.

    I’m not effeminate but I’m not hyper masculine I don’t like to hang out with flaming queens because they’re some of the most vapid, cliquey, and boring people you’ll ever meet. Granted wannabe masculine men such as bears and leathermen aren’t always that better either. ;)

  • Tad

    Honestly, if you tried hard, you could not have taken more lame pics of what has always been a highly sexual event. I understand that you’re not a porn site, but don’t bother covering an event like this without at least a hint of provocative eye candy, OK? I’ve seen more sexual tension in scenes from the revival of Damn Yankees, for heaven sakes. Just saying’…..

  • seaguy

    Well said! I am surprised someone hasn’t gone off on how they are so embarassed to be gay because of the events like this. Those people are so pathetic. @dynosaurusrex:

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