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  • Roger Rabbit

    ALERT – Pictures 2-10 are the same as of 2:30 am PDT

  • Jack

    @Roger Rabbit: That’s lazy, even by Queerty standards!

  • declanto

    Again, grotesquely over-developed, defoliated, , removed from all but the most antiquated types of porn-dreams. Fishnets and tridents, anyone?

  • Drew

    @Roger Rabbit: Actually, 2 – 10, 13, 18 are all the same pic. Thumbnails would have prevented this. Queerty is just lazy. Pitifully lazy. Creating revenue is one thing, but the site needs serious overhauling. Apology, don’t get me started. LOL

  • tavdy79

    The images are on the server (I checked) they just haven’t been linked to properly. It’s not laziness, it’s bad HTML code – which admittedly is kinda the same thing.

    If that’s one 140Lb dumbbell in each hand, he can bench-press twice my (hot sexy, top UK sportsman) cousin’s fighting weight (64kg). Can’t imagine this guy would last long in a scrap with him though, even with all that muscle.

  • Ian

    Ew, more than a little ‘roidy for my tastes.

  • Ted B. (Charging Rhino)

    Thumbnails, please…
    Stop being a view-page whore, it’s the 21st-century outside.

  • ron

    Well, at least he’s more mature-looking than yesterday’s model, who was practically a fetus.

  • Rodrigo

    Everything but his face looks like it came out of a mold from the Mattel toy company…

  • Jack E. Jett

    @ron: LOL……albeit a fetus with a big dick. Which would be a great name for a punk band…Big Dick Fetus.

  • Drew

    @ron: ROFL. Ron that’s too funny. I happened to like yesterday’s, and today’s. OK, I just like cock. Anyway, your comment is just too damn funny!!!

  • alan brickman

    So jealous…….HIT A GYM OR GET A JOB ALREADY….

  • spence

    sometimes I wonder if queerty is looking for names to make puns with rather than decent boys to look at

  • NAP79

    @RON –

    This guy is totally hotter than yesterday! I am not a member of the clergy, so I take no interest.

    The Queerty-Bashing is pretty funny though. The content has definitely suffered and the writing/editorials show a complete lack of skill and proofreading.

  • Soupy

    I’m always strangely grossed out when I see bulging veins like that.

  • kenny

    eww the bulging veins thing is NOT attractive period.The steroid thing is out of control in this country. Not to mention no offense but why is it always white guys they show on this site?I mean I am white 2 but id love to see some gorgeous mocha chocolate men at times here instead of the same kind of guy over and over and over again.Just my opinion.

  • Paul

    Zeus might be beautiful, but i’d never go to bed with him…

  • Tackle

    @ Kenny: I agree that this steroid thing is out of control. “Especially among gays”, young and older. Due to gay men being overly superficial.

  • notreallyhere247

    too bulky for my tastes

  • Hamburglar

    So, for the rating buttons: “more please” for the photos, “fail” for having to resort to URL-editing to see them.

  • Rob Moore

    I guess I am the only one willing to say I approve of today’s morning goods. After so many of the emaciated, androgynous, mannequin-like models, it was really a pleasure to see a man like this. A man with a beautiful body and a strong, masculine, handsome face is so much better.

  • alan brickman

    Fail is short for the fat and jealous button…

  • Blazon125

    I like well-built, flawless hunks much better than those who look like they have skipped class in a third-world country. But, please fix the links. Almost every “morning goods” section I have viewed features one or more broken links.

  • Rob Moore

    @kenny: On what evidence other than his muscles do you base your claim of steroid use. I am not saying he does not use, but I do not assume he does simply because it is quite possible to reach his level of development without steroids. The exceptionally large bodybuilders have to use something, but he is not exceptionally large.

  • Black Pegasus

    Got Steroids?

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