PHOTOS: Instagram Users Respond To Orlando Tragedy In Beautiful And Creative Ways

The nation is still reeling over what happened the tragedy in Orlando. But now that the initial shock is starting to wear off, people have begun channeling their grief in many different ways. Candlelight vigils, memorial ceremonies and marches honoring the 49 victims are happening in cities across the country. Many involved have also taken to social media to share photos from those events, as well as post personal artwork and imagery to show their support for the victims and families involved.

Scroll down to see the ways people on Instagram are showing solidarity with Orlando…

Day 166 of #artaday365 – Sending love to #Orlando and the #lgbt community

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?????#prayfororlando #weareorlando #lgbt #lgbtq #pride #lovewins #newcastle #newcastlevigil

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"Love gives us hope that change is possible." #orlando

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Rest In Power: Stanley Almodovar III Amanda Alvear Oscar A Aracena-Montero Rodolfo Ayala-Ayala Antonio Davon Brown Darryl Roman Burt II Angel L. Candelario-Padro Juan Chevez-Martinez Luis Daniel Conde Cory James Connell Tevin Eugene Crosby Deonka Deidra Drayton Simon Adrian Carrillo Fernandez Leroy Valentin Fernandez Mercedez Marisol Flores Peter O. Gonzalez-Cruz Juan Ramon Guerrero Paul Terrell Henry Frank Hernandez Miguel Angel Honorato Javier Jorge-Reyes Jason Benjamin Josaphat Eddie Jamoldroy Justice Anthony Luis Laureanodisla Christopher Andrew Leinonen Alejandro Barrios Martinez Brenda Lee Marquez McCool Gilberto Ramon Silva Menendez Kimberly Morris Akyra Monet Murray Luis Omar Ocasio-Capo Geraldo A. Ortiz-Jimenez Eric Ivan Ortiz-Rivera Joel Rayon Paniagua Jean Carlos Mendez Perez Enrique L. Rios, Jr. Jean C. Nives Rodriguez Xavier Emmanuel Serrano Rosado Christopher Joseph Sanfeliz Yilmary Rodriguez Solivan Edward Sotomayor Jr. Shane Evan Tomlinson Martin Benitez Torres Jonathan Antonio Camuy Vega Juan P. Rivera Velazquez Luis S. Vielma Franky Jimmy Dejesus Velazquez, Luis Daniel Wilson-Leon Jerald Arthur Wright #PrayForOrlando

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It's so incredible to see an entire city come together as one. #Orlandostrong #Orlandoproud #Weareorlando #Onepulse

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Still in awe of the energy I felt last night. Here's another photo from the vigil by Stonewall Inn. #WeAreOrlando

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In joy. In sorrow. May we hold each other up. ??? #WeAreOrlando

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Like so many of you, I've read the posts and articles, I've watched the news coverage, heart wrenching tributes and have been following the vigils that have so beautifully popped up all over the world in honor of the 49 individuals who so tragically lost their lives during the Orlando shooting. It's overwhelming. Its heartbreaking. It's scary. But, above all of these emotions, I feel proud of my community. I walk around my neighborhood and see the flags are all at half staff. There are signs, photos and candles in the streets, you will also see candles burning on porches or in windows. I see people coming together to gather donations for the families, partners and friends of the 49 people we have ALL lost. I see unity. I see love. I see so many people making the choice to love out loud and embrace one another. Rather than vacate the streets, bars, clubs and restaurants… we are out in our neighborhoods and communities offering support to one another. I am so proud of my community and of my friends who are posting and sharing and speaking up. The events that took place are horrific and I've cried daily while scrolling through the names and reading all of the posts. The mix of emotions are close to unbearable and I know that so many others are feeling the same. So, if anyone needs to talk, wants to vent, cry, hug… I hope you'll reach out to myself or anyone else you feel safe with. May we all find some light and lesson during this dark time and flood the world and social media with love and ongoing healing ??? #prayforOrlando #Orlandostrong #SanDiego #sendingloveandlight #energy #love #hope #stopthehate #loveislove #NoH8 #June #healing #manifestlove #educate #lesson #Prideflag #Sunday #Americanflag #timeforchange #standup #speakup #weareALLOrlando #PulseNightclub

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Lives stolen. Still hurting. Still praying. #orlando

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?????? #pride #lovewins #denverpride #weareorlando #feelmypulse

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#weareorlando #orlando #gay #lgbt #lgbtpride #love #strength #unbreakable #unstoppable #restinpeace

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