PHOTOS: Interracial Couples Celebrate LA Pride


It’s hard to believe, but it was around 1992 before a majority of Americans supported interracial marriage. That’s crazy!

Also crazy: kids who were born in 1992 are turning 21 this year, which means they’re just hitting the world of adult dating. Raised in a climate of tolerance and approval, interracial coupling is simply no big deal to these youngsters.

And on June 12, we’re coming up on the 46th anniversary of Loving v. Virginia, the Supreme Court case that ended state bans on miscegenation. At the same time, we’re just days away from a Supreme Court ruling on Proposition 8, another milestone in the civil rights fight.

So, with interracial couples no big deal, a civil rights milestone nearing the half-century mark and another milestone waiting in the wings, is marriage and equality on everyone’s mind at this year’s Pride?

Well, no, not really. We found some interracial couples at LA Pride in West Hollywood this weekend, and asked them how they’re feeling at this crossroads of history. Mostly, they were happy just to have found each other and to be enjoying a sunny day in the park. The legal ramifications can wait for another time.

Click through for a photo gallery of the happy LGBTs. All photos by Matt Baume.

angelo matt

Angelo and Matt

“We didn’t know it was the anniversary of Loving,” said Angelo, “but we know it was a struggle.”

andrew norman

Andrew and Norman

“We don’t know anything about the marriage stuff … We’re not really following marriage equality.”

dudley aaron

Dudley and Aaron just met. The beginning of something beautiful?

elizabeth teresa

Elizabeth and Teresa came to see the music acts.

carlos augusto

Carlos and Augusto are just friends. They appreciated all the “informational stuff and resources.”

david kevin

David and Kevin

“We haven’t been to Pride in years, and we wanted to see how it was. Still great!”

kristine jordan

Jordan and Kristine

“Pride means joining together in a big mass.”

noah marcos

Noah and Marcos came with friends for the “togetherness and community.”

maribel nori avyn

Maribel, Nori and Avyn

Maribel and Nori are a couple, and came with their friend Avyn.

kass cookie

Kass and Cookie

“We come to Pride every year — it’s tradition.”

tyler ross freddy

Tyler, Ross and Freddy

“We read the news about marriage on Gay Voices.” [Disapproving look from reporter.] “And also on Queerty!”

anton weston gabe

Anton, Weston and Gabe

Gabe is straight, and met up with inter-generational couple Weston and Gabe. All three agreed that their favorite part of Pride is the “hot drunk naked people.”

Weston is amazed by how fast marriage equality is happening. “It’s ridiculous how all these states are passing it, and California is behind.”

aundrea lexi

Aundrea and Lexi

“We think the Supreme Court’s going to drop Prop 8 on a technicality. They’ll go for DOMA though. There’s no way that’ll stay.”

isaiah madison

Isaiah and Madison

“Marriage equality will be legal after the Supreme Court decides Prop 8.”

malcom mama anthony

Malcolm and Anthony had their portrait crashed mid-snap by a mysterious interloper. After she wandered off, they explained that they’re just friends, but came to Pride “looking for a future husband.”

ben aaron

Ben and Aaron have been together about three years and run vintage fashion shop LA Glaneur.

derrick david

Derrick and David feel that there’s nothing remarkable about being an interracial couple.

skylana robin

Skylana and Robin

“We’re here to see Erotic City and the Parade.”

gary tony

Gary and Tony

“We came to Pride for each other.”

omar alex

Omar and Alex

“We like the free condoms and lube and awareness.”

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