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  • Ken S

    Oooh, he’s like the lovechild of Paul Vandevoort and a Clippinger twin :) This is suitable appeasement following yesterday’s meager offering to the gay gawds.


    Think maybe the intern at the Morning Goods studio keep the piles of photos of different models in separate piles for once?????? :p

  • hf2hvit

    Just another Ken Doll

  • randy

    I dunno. No, I don’t think he’s professional model material, and he’s not really “hot” as I usually think of guys, but he is certainly good looking. And I think he would probably make a better boyfriend than most of the hot models we see here.

  • Rick Brannon

    Cute guy.

    Throw about 20 lbs of muscle on him and he would be perfect.

  • nineinchnail

    Its obvious that a lot of these pics are not professional shots which is refreshing as we get see him for who he is. Cute as hell and pic #3 he fills out his speedo quite nicely.

  • brian

    20lbs more muscle? Think he looks great the way he is…although I’ll forgive the bowl cut in #5.

  • Q

    no comments on his ‘XIII’/13 tattoo? I just hope it’s not false advertising….

  • BK

    He’s a cutie patootie with a bad haircut.


    Little help here……….. I kinda sorta think there are more than one guys in this batch…………’specially check out #21 and #3……..don’t look like same guy, or is it an older pic?

  • notreallyhere247

    i like him!

  • mark

    Whoever photographed him for #3….made him look great.
    Skip undereye shadow…it kills the illusion.

  • scott ny'er

    #16 is great, I like his furry legs in #3. He does look bigger in #3.

  • Black Pegasus

    This guy has major Gay Face..

    A brown paper during a fuck session should remedy the problem though.

  • alan brickman

    very hawt!! don’t be jealous and censor me for saying it…

  • Tim

    I would love to be on that Wisconsin man!

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