PHOTOS: Jack Mackenroth Makes Us Wish It Was New Year’s Eve Already


Reality-television veteran Jack Mackenroth of Project Runway fame isn’t just a talented designer: He’s a pretty face, too!

The out and openly HIV+ advocate has a 2012 calendar coming out—and once you get a look at Jack in this sexy slideshow, you’ll be counting the days till December 31. Best of all, 100% of the proceeds from calendar sales goes to the AIDS nonprofit amfAR, so you can do good while feeling oh so naughty.

Pre-order the Jack Mackenroth 2012 Calendar for a Cure at

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  • iDavid

    That outline is one HOT package shot.

  • EdWoody

    The facial hair looks artificially painted on. It’s too regular to be real.

  • James McGowan

    Hey, Laaaaady!

  • iDavid

    Actually it looks more cut out on the right than the left. See that?

  • Pep, Italy

    Great body, cute face, but rather standard otherwise … why do so many gay men resemble each other ???

    No. 2 – agreed he looks to primmed and preened.

  • TJ

    He looks different. Maybe its botox and photo shopping. He also posed naked for an art book around the time when he was on project runway.

  • Fitz

    He looks different for a very important reason: he is someone who gets it how important images are, and he is probably working with a photographer who feels the same. How hboring it would have been to just shoot more pics like the ones that already exist.

    I do agree that the very-manicured facial hair and eyebrow thing isn’t my cup of tea, but that is such a minor complaint… he looks wonderful. His workout and nutrition plan is something we should admire.

  • Thomas

    Cue the HBHs.

    That stands for hateful, bitter homos.

  • A

    Wow…..he is that hot AND he does such great work for the HIV community? What a guy….not often that such a stud is also a great guy. Its all-rounder golden boys like this that are the best ambassadors for the gay community. Keep it up Jack!

  • plazaboy

    Everything about him is perfect…. but the overly done nose is what slightly turns me off.

  • P.J.

    Agreed, Hundred 100% .

  • Daez

    @plazaboy: He carries around a communicable disease that he could easily infect you with just by fucking you (even with a condom that is only 90% effective) and the nose is what turns you off? REALLY!?!

  • P.J.

    @ “A”. Agreed. Hundred %

  • Nick

    He’s a hot guy, no doubt about it. But something’s off, I can’t put my finger on it. The tattoos?

  • Tony

    Well I don’t know who his is..but he is smoking hot. I do agree his does have that “standard” calender look, but that doesn’t make him less hot. And if he approached any of you guys that are put off by him…well first, you wouldn’t believe it, and secondly, you would totally swooon…

  • divkid

    ***UNBELIEVABLY*** youthful.
    a-fuckin-mazing body though!

  • RE plazaboy

    @plazaboy : I know for a fact that he has not had his nose done, he has talked about how he has no problem with plastic surgery and he would get it if he felt that he needed it but he has not had any yet. so his nose is real, no matter how perfect it looks. There are naturally hot people plazaboy, even though your mirror would probably exclude you from that group if it could talk :) jealous little girl.

  • RE: Daez

    @ Daez. He has been undetectable for over 10 years. He cannot infect anyone. PS: what makes you think that a loser who takes the time to post nasty comments on a website (you) would ever stand a chance of sleeping with jack mackenroth anyway? Shame, how’s the weather in delusion land?

  • Daez

    “So there is still a risk of HIV transmission with an undetectable viral load.”

    “We know from existing research that, on average, undetectable viral load results in a low risk of HIV transmission — less virus, less chance of transmission. But we also have good reason to believe that this reduced risk does not happen all the time and does not apply to everyone, as the Swiss commission originally claimed. Many studies have indicated that viral load, by itself, may not be an accurate indicator of risk for any one person at any one particular time. ”

    Read this! Educate yourself. Thank me for possibly saving your life. Nah, in second thought. You know it all, so don’t let a little think like medical research get in your way.

    I wouldn’t want a chance with him. However, since he has HIV he probably has a history of screwing anything and everything that moves (and absolutely no standards) anyways.

  • Tomas

    @Daez: What a stupid coment, you made….

  • marc

    Such a hot stud. Glad that the proceeds are going to a worthy cause which makes you a very worth individual indeed

  • Jake

    Jack is an amazing person. It’s not easy to be the face for any cause let alone HIV research and awareness. He regularly does a lot to help achieve full equality for all LGBT folks and I, for one, am thankful that I have such a wonderful role model to look up to (as an HIV+, LGBT activist)

  • Paul

    @ Daez: wow, what a sad sad, silly gay. You think that wikipedia is an authoritative source of accurate medical research!?! Hahaha even a community college wouldn’t accept that as a source, but since you said ‘in second thought’ , you don’t sound like an ivy league guy anyway. I agree with ‘RE DAEZ’ who already busted your chops, enjoy delusion land.

  • Spike

    Do people still by these cheesy calendars? Poor boy is just dying to show his weiner, but that would be considered porn and I’m sure he thinks he’s above such things.

  • Christopher

    It’s a shame when he talks a purse falls out of his mouth.

  • paul f

    Speaking strictly on a physical level, it’s his eyes that got me in a ‘swoon” and of course coupled with the abs you could do the laundry on. Add to that, the personality and his use of his free time to help others and wow what a guy. The snark about how some assume that he screwed anything moving to get HIV is uncalled for. You wouldn’t think a little empathy would be so hard to come by here on these posts. Jeeselouise sometimes it seems like we’re our own worst enemies. To paraphrase a worn cliche, can’t we at least PRETEND to get along? On a side note, I wonder if the new anti-viral mentioned on the National Geographic web site could lead to another line of attack against HIV.

  • christopher di spirito

    Hot as hell. Now I wish I had watched Project Runway. I missed a great reality-TV show.

  • Brian

    Kudos for him for being outspoken about his status. He takes great care of his body. And yes to teh facial hair…me like.

  • Brian

    Kudos for him for being outspoken about his status. He takes great care of his body. And yes to the facial hair…me like.

  • Daez

    @Paul: Its not from Wikipedia. You fail hard at reading comprehension. Think what you want. Ask yourself why you have to believe that people with a low viral load ABSOLUTELY can not transmit the infection? Do you enjoy having bare back sex with HIV+ people or something. Sure, the risk is reduced, but any risk is way to much for me to handle.

  • Chris

    Lots of plastic surgery and photoshop…

  • Nick

    Oh I know what’s weird, it’s the eyes. They look like Jonathan Rhys Meyers’.

  • Mike

    now don’t me wrong … I’d LOVE to believe that bulge is the real deal …. but it seems somewhat disconnected from his body … opinions, anyone?

  • Herman Young

    Packing some meat Jack!! Slurp~!!

  • Bryan

    @christopher di spirito: You wouldn’t have gained much, he didn’t stay THAT long on the show because he had to withdraw.

    And infection or not, it’s good to see he hasn’t let it bring him down, he looks amazing.

  • JoeyB

    Major plastic surgery, photoshop. Such a perfect guy and he can’t find a date??? He’s advertising on Big Muscle. Says he has a house in NY and one in SoBe, and he’s still single. Wonder why…

  • Jack Said

    Completely artifical look but the type that career gays love

  • Mymomsaysimawesome

    Who buys this shit? She has too much beard penciling going on. And is it bad that I didn’t flinch to Daez comment??? Would it really be so wrong to have the aids spokes model not be miss bathhouse 1999

  • Rocky

    @Daez: I’m not trying to be funny, but I’m just wondering if you feel that strongly about people who are HIV positive-do you participate in anal sex? I only ask because from your position on the issue it would seem that you would only participate in mutual masturbation because unless you ask for recent blood work right before the act your still putting yourself at risk (even with a condom) if you do not know the person’s status and you seem to be very cautious about having sex with men who are positive.

  • hoganbcmj

    Are you guys for real? He has a really hot body, great bulge, but that face, ugh! He is totally weird looking. Eyes too close together and strange features. Too plastic, not cute. It’s like he looks naturally photoshopped.

  • Maddie

    Woooow great body i love the 1 and 2 photos make my happy

  • Maddie

    I love penis man kisss

  • JoeyO'H

    I love yellow!

  • Maddie

    Remmber my boy friend

  • Adam Sank

    @Daez: I hope someday you contract an unmanageable disease — not HIV, which is well managed by today’s medications and getting easier to manage every day — and that when you do, people treat you with the same utter cruelty and lack of compassion that you treat those living with HIV.

  • BadaBing

    Makes you wonder, why today we have crap like this, calendars who are bought by who? He obviously spends all his free time at the gym, fighting time and trying to look younger than he is. But he is the epitome of what so many gays believe is the ideal role model: a model-type, with a great body. There is enough dysmorphia and self-hatred in the gay community, like in the straight community with girls who want to be always skinny like models, for us to idealize this. Like Reichen, this is another man who is desperately trying to seem relevant and extend his 15 minutes of fame, when they have already disappeared. Makes me wonder what JoeyB posted before: if this guy, with his body, looks, a bit of fame, properties in NYC and Soouth Beach, cannot get a date, or a bf, what is wrong with this picture? I can tel you what: he is the type of gay who will only go out with other “Type A” gays who live at the gym, model and look down on so many others. Vanity and narcissism rule their lives, and so when they enter a relationship, it’s a clashes of egos. Because in relationships, one needs to give and not be selfish. Hard to live then with someone like this who bases so much of what he does on his looks. I am sure I will get readers here accusing me of this or that, but just think about it: what is it with so many hot guys who would seem to have everything, and yet they never seem to fin anyone good enough for them? And then want to find validation through their bodies. You see them on Manhunt, hiding their faces, because they don’t want to be caught trolling like all the regular folks, and they, they are more pathetic. And please, don’t tell me that “oh, he’s done so much for the gay community, he donates proceeds to aids charities!” That BS. People who contribute from the heart don’t have to send press releases to announce what they do. That is simply opportunism and pr to get their name on the press, linked to a good cause, of course. Let’s not be so naive. Otherwise, our community will continue to live in perpetual, disco/gym/porn/bathhouse adolescence. It’s time to grow up.

  • Daez

    @Adam Sank: Unlike those with HIV, I actually monitor my sexual partners and activities. So, your hope is in vain.

    Its a communicable disease. That means people that suffer with it did something to contract it. They didn’t contract it by being in steady, monogamous relationships in the vast majority of cases. I do feel bad for the small minority that caught HIV from a partner they trusted, but those people don’t make up the vast amount of cases.

  • Daez

    @Rocky: I would never go near someone that was positive. I wouldn’t even knowingly hug or kiss a positive person. I have anal sex with the same partner I’ve been with for over a year now, and I know his status.

  • Adam Sank

    @Daez: So people who do not “monitor their sexual partners and activities”… what… deserve to get sick? Deserve to die? Is being promiscuous really punishable by illness or death in your twisted little world?

    You don’t know anything about how Jack Mackenroth got HIV. All you know is that he’s been living with it for 20 years and looks better than you ever will, which is most likely where your hostility comes from.

    As for “never going near someone that [sic] was positive,” I guess you must live on a secluded island somewhere. Because a good percentage of gay men in America are positive — perhaps as much as 50% in some big cities. And anyone in 2011 who still thinks you can get infected through hugging or kissing is clearly retarded.

    Finally, you don’t “know” your partner’s status unless you’re testing him on a daily basis. And given that you’re such a hateful cunt, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if he were cheating on you. I hope for his sake he is.

  • Daez

    @Adam Sank: You play you pay. Don’t come asking for my sympathy when being a total slut led you to a for drawn conclusion.

    Yes, honey, its all about looks and that is all I care about (oh wait that is you).

    I know you can’t get infected through kissing and hugging. I just don’t care to hug such people. I don’t really care to be within 10 feet of those people. I like my secluded island just fine, thanks.

    Thank you for your well wishes for my relationship, but unlike you I know how to actually please my man which is why I have one instead of obsessing over HIV infected internet models.

  • t money

    Daez, having known many many people with HIV, you dont know what you are missing out on, they are great people, like anyone else. really, i dont think you fully stand behind your statements. i think you are just trying to rile us up. what you write is sad and ignorant. go deliver meals for project angel food. interact with “those” people. that might help you salvage some of your mean little existence.

  • Jonathan

    @BadaBing: Honestly, I see him at the gym in Chelsea regularly and a) he is as beautiful in person as in the photos and b) he gives off a very nice, easy-going, approachable vibe & not the least bit arrogant. Personally, I have always thought that his behavior on Project Runway was heroic and incredibly brave.

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