PHOTOS: Jamie Dornan Will Play S/M-Obsessed Billionaire Christian Grey

imagesSorry again Matt Bomer fanatics, but another actor has landed the coveted role of the sexually adventurous billionaire in the film adaptation of the mommy porn bestseller 50 Shades of Grey. Variety reports handsome Irish model-cum-actor Jamie Dornan has nabbed the part of Christian Grey following the unexpected departure of previously-cast Charlie Hunnam.

As he’s demonstrated in the past, Dornan, who’s appeared in the film Marie Antoinette and  the TV series Once Upon a Time, certainly won’t be uncomfortable with the nudity required for the role.

See more photos of the stunner below.





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  • halfahomo

    As a true bisexual, I have to say that last pic is erotic as a fu*k(which is what I wouldn’t mind doing with them both)

  • Drew 2112

    This guy is so freaking hot. He’s in the BBC show The Fall (which is on US Netflix) and his acting is fantastic. Dunno how this 50 shades of gray thing will turn out though…

  • Larkin

    I like this pick for Christian Grey.

    I think this is a part that almost requires a talented, but relatively ‘unknown’ actor. Plus, as his photos demonstrate, he can have markedly different looks (to the point where I almost didn’t think it was the same person).

    Matt Bomer, however wonderful, is firmly in the public eye from his tv series as the lead actor (leading to comparisons) and simply being gay (leading to questionable revenue for the film). I have no doubt he would hit a homerun in his performance, but movie producers don’t like questions… they do like profits and this isn’t an art movie, it’s softcore porn.

    Jamie offers something ‘fresh’ that I think is needed in this role, something unknown and mysterious whereas other actors may be too familiar with preset expectations of their performance.

    I also think very established actors are concerned about their image whereas newer potential lead actors can hopefully only go up.

    With Jamie, I can envision a deep, dark, cruel side. Charlie, not so much, nor with Matt.

  • stranded

    Feel bad Hunnam backed out, but OMG if it make way for Dornan, then OMG YES!!! Him as the sheriff in OUAT gave me sex dreams.

  • Dxley

    Still ain’t hotter than Bomer

  • AshNYC

    Way hotter than the vanilla, wonder bread, pretty man Bomer!-

  • Snapper59

    He looks like the son of a “mommy porn billionaire”.

  • litper

    @halfahomo stop that nasty propaganda of heterosexuality, just stop!

  • litper

    @Dxley, also Bomer is out and proud unlike that closeted filth…

  • sideout

    Much better choice than Bomer. Not that he isn’t handsome but Dornan is smokin’ hot.

  • LillianWoods

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  • Niall

    Didn’t Queerty post that second pic above in another article, but with Wenthworth Miller’s face photoshopped on?

  • bends.over

    that is sick. haha so funny to say grey needs a “talented actor”. why? the writing is sh*t. bah, i hope this doesn’t tank his career.

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