PHOTOS: Jesse Santana And Other Hookie-Winning Escorts Can Take Us Home Anytime

Ah, the Hookies. Also known as the “International Escort Awards,” it’s essentially the Oscars of classy gay male prostitution.

Sexy porn star Jesse Santana (above photo, center) took home top honors by winning Mr. International Escort and Best Body 2012.

Click through for more photos of the chiseled escorts, and a full list of winners.

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  • The Real Mike in Asheville

    Oh, the prudes will surely be whining about this!

    Before all the ranting, please remember, “Live and Let Live”, and that each of them enjoy the exact same rights to pursue their happiness as everyone else.

  • randy

    Photo no. 2, right guy, is hot. What’s up with that outfit in Photo no. 7?

  • dvlaries

    Uh-oh. On sight alone, I know Spencer Reed, Tommy Defendi, Arpad Miklos and Heath Jordan. Guess I’m watching too much porn.

    Miklos has been at it over a decade, and I have to fight an impulse when I find him in something new again, not to think of him as gay porn’s Grandpa Walton.

  • ggreen

    Poor Jessie Santana he started out so hot and unique looking now he does everything he can to ugly himself up. From the trashy tattoos, to the dishtowel holder nipple rings and now the concentration camp haircut. What a shame.

  • Marie Cohn

    If Santana is the winner, I’d hate to see Mr. Congeniality.

  • FreddyMertz

    I find this incredibly funny..yes, even hookers can have curio cabinets to show off awards. Yes, I know most of them like @dvlaries stated, I too may be watching to much porn. lol

  • MEJ

    Are any of them actually gay?

    That said, who are the three guys with Alec Mapa?

  • MEJ


    and now the concentration camp haircut

    Hey! I have that same haircut, and I don’t look I’ve ever been anywhere near a concentration camp.

  • sp

    Cute boys…
    Really I respect them and this activity (if it is practiced freely), though deep down I feel that prostitution is like a form of slavery.
    By the way, was Reed there because he is that too?

  • erasure25

    @dvlaries: Is that Heath Jordan on the right in #1 in the black pants?

  • JayKay


  • Rockery

    The older, hotter, taller Joe Jonas in Pic 2 has major VPL

  • Timmmeeeyyy

    Is it really asking too much to identify the people in the photos?

  • ThatRandomGuy

    @erasure25: Yes, it is! *drools*

  • Shungaboy

    Jesse Santana was a sweetheart when he posed for an intimate (4-5 artists) drawing group I attended in LA last year. It certainly wasn’t a typical gig for an escort (he certainly didn’t get paid that much); he was quiet, earnest, cute and very pleasant. And yes, he has a nice tight body.

  • dvlaries

    Yep. :) That’s him.

  • dvlaries

    Speaking of porn stars, I finally did my own investigation, and thanks to Wiki, found out why we’ve heard anything of Ryan Idol’s sentencing, which was supposed to be back on Dec. 9.

    [however when he appeared, his attorney requested to be withdrawn from the case. The request was granted. Idol then appeared in court on January 13, 2012 requesting a retrial citing “citing ineffective assistance of counsel”. He is to appear in the Sacramento County Courthouse on May 18, 2012 when a decision will be made as to whether a retrial is to be granted.]

    Sounds like a standard ‘Hail Mary’ to me. But you whack somebody over the head with a toilet tank lid, I don’t know how that’s not attempted murder.

  • Farquart

    I heard somewhere that prostitution was illegal. Is this true? Surely, this fine publication would not be aiding and abetting illegal activities. It must have been a rumor.

  • dvlaries


    >>I heard somewhere that prostitution was illegal. Is this true? Surely, this fine publication would not be aiding and abetting illegal activities. It must have been a rumor.<<

    It appears to work like this: if you hire me to sexually please you in private for a financial consideration, then we're doing something illegal and one or both of us could wind up in handcuffs. And not for fun.

    But if we do the very same things while someone is filming us do it, we’re ‘modeling,’ making a work of artistic expression, and may actually become stars.

    Not that I’m offering. At my age, the only strangers who are going to see me naked are doctors and surly hospital workers.

  • jason

    This is sad, just sad. These guys look ugly and sad. I wonder how many of them have serious drug addictions. We certainly don’t desire to be represented by these vulgar sorts.

  • Tavdy79

    @Timmmeeeyyy: you’re evidently not watching enough porn ;-)

  • AC Walker

    Not denying anyone their “rights to pursue happiness” or whatever. In fact, I think prostitution and the drugs that most protitutes are addicted to should be completely legalized. But yes, I feel sorry for anyone who isn’t even bright enough to know he’s being degraded. Kids, they’re laughing AT you, not with you.

  • vinny

    So many STDS, so little time.

  • GregR

    MMMMMM Jesse Santana.

  • Marcus

    These hookers escorts should get tax if or what they are doing. Pay taxes like everyone who has a normal job.

  • Corey

    Shane…are you saying Peter is exclusive? I have seen him at Splash and he is by far the hottest there. I asked one of the escorts i know there and they said he only fucks for big dollars. I guess they were right. Time for me to save my money!

  • balehead

    So much hater jealousy on here….trying to be all PC and still failing….

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