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  • galefan2004

    I get that the show is gay friendly and has a gay character, but I still just simply don’t get the show. Its not that enjoyable to me. If I want to watch something based simply on the fact that it has a gay man with no storyline and horrible dialogue I’ll go pick up a porn.

  • Cam

    You have to like the whole Sci-Fi Dr. Who type of show. On another note, I always thought he wore a toupe because he was a 40 year old with this weirdly concealing hairstyle with huge bangs. I see by this picture he doesn’t have a toupee. he should put his hair like this more often.

    As for his mouth….pretty much looks like he could handle the starting line of up the NY Rangers with that. lol

  • Geoff M

    Cover the teeth.

  • Come on!

    That guy could eat an apple through a fence!

  • The Gay Numbers

    If you don’t like sci fi or dr who, then why are you watching the show? because its gay?

  • Carsen Tyler

    Oh man I am going to see him at Comic-Con next week. Here’s hoping he whips it out in front of the audience again….or at least moons us again.

  • me

    reminds me of this

  • Qjersey

    The first pic is his “you just pushed it in without lube face”

  • Robert, NYC

    So why doesn’t the U.S. make its own sci-fi series with a gay character if American viewers don’t like Torchwood? Nobody is forcing us to watch it, just switch the channel. I for one love the series aside from John’s sex appeal. Its far more creative than anything we’ve done in this genre. I suspect if we had our own, the right wing would be calling for it to be banned because of its “gay” content.

  • galefan2004

    @Cam: I love Sci-Fi, I just like good Sci-Fi. I like Eureka and I love pretty much everything on the Sci-Fi channel. From what I have seen of this show it just doesn’t live up to those standards.

  • galefan2004

    @Robert, NYC: It has NOTHING to do with it being an English sci-fi drama. It has to do with the show itself. I happen to LOVE Beautiful People and one of my favorite gay movies of all times is Beautiful Thing. Both are English imports. I just don’t like Torchwood based on my viewing it.

  • galefan2004

    @galefan2004: I don’t really see the sex appeal either. I mean, this dude looks like a 40 year old trying to be a 20 year old. Its a failure look. Christopher Meloni and Mike Rowe are hot. This guy is not. If you are 40 and hot then look like you are 40 and hot. Don’t look like you are trying to be 20 and hot.

  • The Gay Numbers

    Eureka is safe sci fi for people who really don’t want to be challenged.

  • The Gay Numbers

    I also think it is ironic you are whining about this guys look, an actual gay man, versus two straight actors, as far as I know. This from you, a guy who obsesses over how gays are portrayed in the media.

  • Marius

    Jeans, sneakers and a t shirt aren’t just for 20 year-old guys.

    Maybe he’s trying too hard with the hair and that heinous shirt, but I still think he’s a handsome man.

    I remember his “personal” hot dog in a bun picture. I’ll give him a pass for that one.

  • alan brickman

    Jealous jealous jelaous…..still better looking than all of you self loathing queens..

  • Aaron


  • Amygdala

    @alan brickman:

    You forgot to mention “fat.” You have to say it twice in the next post.

  • The Gay Numbers

    @Amygdala: uhm- the thing is- he’s right.

  • Cam

    @alan brickman:

    So let me get this straight, I really ike the show Torchwood, but I would never think that other people not liking it means that they are jealous of the way the guys looks. Seems a weird line of attack. Anything you’d like to discuss with the class?

  • Andrew

    PLEASE remove this photo of him. It’s annoying and has been posted for days… Like him, but don’t need to see his mouth every morning. thanks.

  • BritNYC

    He is SUCH a loser. He’s from Scotland, but speaks with an American accent (except when he speaks to his parents – when he turns into a queeny scottish loon). His whole forced persona is lame imitataion of Tom Cruise circa 1987. Watch him on How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria and you’ll see what I mean. Twat.

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