PHOTOS: Jonathan Groff Unleashes His Enema Selfie And More Of The Looking Cast On Instagram

Things we’ve learned about Jonathan Groff recently:

The more you know!

Well we’ve just leaned another tidbit, courtesy of Looking co-star Frankie J. Alvarez’ Instagram feed. We know his preferred brand of enema. We’re living in the information age, after all.

Here’s some more of what the cast is up to these days:

When in doubt: #besupportive @lookinghbo #lookinghbo #patrick #agustin

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Thanks to the good people at Arise Entertainment 360 @arisetv360 for having me on today. Was great chatting with you guys

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????Bear hugs to everybody that watched @lookinghbo this week. #agusteddie #juiceboxrealness #eddiebear #danfranfans

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????Happy Birthday???? to the incredible @peterdavisnyc! So much ?? for this guy.

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I love this beach cabin on #Miami beach! #willboone

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With my mate @chattyman in #Miami

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