PHOTOS: Kellan Lutz Leaves Absolutely Nothing To The Imagination In Tight-Fitting Shorts

Actor Kellan Lutz has pulled a Jon Hamm. The Hercules star was recently snapped in some rather tight-fitting blue shorts that leave absolutely nothing to the imagination.

Some claim the picture is photoshopped. Maybe, maybe not. Either way, we don’t really care! Plus, this isn’t the first time Mr. Lutz’s package has made a public appearance.

Scroll down to see more BSFW (barely safe for work) photos of Mr. Lutz.

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  • CaptainFabulous

    Yeah, it’s fake. But the others look real.

  • EdWoody

    He’s always free balling. So it’s only the obvious fakeness of the image that’s a problem. He would totally do it. Because he knows we’re all here slavering for it.

  • DShucking

    Gays are being killed in Russia because of Johnny Weir and we’re crotch watching? OUTRAGE!

  • Rbayse

    @DShucking: If we stop liking the D they win, so don’t be a dick. We all know there’s a problem but that doesn’t mean we should stop being who we are. Or they win. We all do what we can, if we can do anything. I for one am sick of oppressed people oppressing me. I like the D, get over it.

  • NG22

    The dick looks so high in that top pic. Happy it’s not real. It looked so plump. No one can have it all , right? He’s so obnoxiously good looking. His Calvin Klein ads were really nice, to put it mildly.

  • KittyLitter

    Show or show and grow?
    Weir is a douche. Most disgusting gay out there major freak show- closely followed by that elton guy.

  • SteveDenver

    In the blue shorts, is his penis emerging from his bellybutton?

    Time for Kellan to release a sex tape while anyone still cares.

  • jimbryant

    This looks like Photo Shop. The penis is too high up, as if it starts from the belly button.

    As for the shorts, being tight-fitting, puh-lease. They are baggy, not tight. He looks likes your typical straight American male who is afraid of wearing truly tight shorts in case other guys check out his butt.

    He reminds me of all those American men who wear baggy dork shorts at the beach instead of the more comfortable and water-appropriate Speedos.

  • Caleb in SC

    @jimbryant: Get over yourself. You have posted similar comments before. Kellan Lutz has been nothing but supportive of the LGBT community. Troll somewhere else.

  • Dixie Rect

    Photoshop. Its not even in the right place. Please do better Queerty, maybe check a source? Oh wait, I forgot.

  • robirob

    He seems like a nice guy, but I am sure if you search for the term ‘himbo’ (aka male bimbo) you will find a shirtless picture of him.

  • Kenover

    DirecTV shorts? Really?

  • Daniel-Reader

    If you’re gay you should have an understanding of the anatomy of guys. The blue photo is accurate. His shorts are low – you can see where his form cuts in above to his waist, and if you are in shape and don’t have a fat gut hanging out, the distance from your waist to your package is not that a long distance on flat stomaches. Look at the picture of him shirtless walking his dog for where a belly button is located – some posters have to be crazy to think your belly button falls below your waist. Some people here need to get out and date more.

  • Black Pegasus

    I wear sweatpants and basketball shorts all the time. And very rarely (if ever) will they contour your package in an almost perfect form…. Definitely a FAKE!

  • iMort

    Hercules! Hercules! Is the movie worth seeing? It currently has a 5% splat on Rotten Tomatoes. Sigh.

  • Niall

    Unless he has a mutant dick, that is too high up. There are other pics of his VPL which are actually real.

  • DShucking


  • YesIDid

    Is it me, or is his head too small for his body?

  • Tackle

    If your gonna wear a falsie, that is so obvious, by it being too high up, then what are you hiding?? He must gave a very small, or micro penis that he is ashamed, or very self conscious about.

  • Dionte

    He’s so hot, I might go see Hercules again tomorrow, just because.

  • AtlasRich

    The top photo (true blue shorts and tank) seems fake. However everyone, keep in mind how many people have photo altering software and A LOT of time on their hands. Don’t assume Kellan was involved. No need for him to change his looks, Right!!!??

  • masteradrian

    BSFW pics? Were? When? How?

    The ones I see are nothing of the kind…….. Perhaps I’m looking on the wrong page?

  • pscheck2

    when is he going to come ‘out?’

  • babybabybaby

    @DShucking: It always time to watch a crotch no matter what…

  • jonjct

    This one’s a fake but Kellan is still a lollipop.

  • richard

    @CaptainFabulous: must use Beyoncé and Kims Photoshop

  • coltonblack

    Far from fake! Look at the pics. They are consistently showing him as a size LARGE :)

  • topshelf

    His body is certainly eye candy. But why is anyone so surprised that he has a dick?

  • Desert Boy

    Hot man, nice package.

  • Suburban

    I could look at him all day. Hercules wasn’t that bad. They got him in a movie and he’s not wearing much in it. Nobody criticizes The Rock and I doubt he’ll win an Oscar anytime soon.

  • Cy

    Looks plenty real to me, he obviously has a nice fat one. Looks very much like my husband’s. Guys with dicks like that don’t like wearing confining underwear, and they certainly don’t shy away from wearing shorts and pants that emphasize the whole package. Lucky for us all!

  • mujerado

    @DShucking: What a nonsensical thing to say. Nobody is being killed “because of” Johnny Weir. Obviously something about him bothers you. Take responsibility for your own opinion.

  • Marky

    @topshelf: *shrugs* Big dick is a bonus to me. And yeah, his last name is Lutz, if he didn’t have a big dick I’d say there something wrong with him or one of the people who married into that family :P

  • smuk94

    ufff one day i see him in person…and was mmmmm

  • musclemutt

    @iMort: His Hercules movie is worth seeing for the same reason as an old Steve Reeves movie. And it’s definitely worth seeing.

  • Markajv

    Can this be any more stalker-ish? UGH! Jesus it’s a friggin penis. Like you never had one in your mouth or A$$. YAWN!

  • Caramelo

    Uuhhh, are we supposed to be looking at something?

  • Juanjo

    @DShucking: Honey, If I can’t drool over a hot dude, I don’t want to be part of your revolution. {my apologies to Emma Goldman}

  • Juanjo

    @Markajv: It is only stalkerish if you are peeking in his bedroom window.

  • Gary_Gans

    @edensasp: Thank you for clarifying this. Size queens will shed a tear for their oh-so-hetero, rough trade at best that will not be looking for a booty call. Grindr is waiting for them with eager anticipation for their return to their regularly scheduled programming.

  • Celtic

    @DShucking: So you be the Donny Downer. Gays are being killed in Russia, period. NOT because of Johnny Qweer, who I consider one of the most vile and disgusting “gay” celebs on planet earth. Kellen Lutz is hot. I am not about to dial down my lust factor because of what is going on in Russia.

  • Celtic

    I doubt this is photo shopped. It is a nicely fitting softie. Cut or uncut, that is the question. Any way you look at Kellen, he is very hot and very sexy.

  • musclemutt

    @iMort: Hercules is so worth seeing, “if you want something visual that’s not too abysmal.”

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