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  • CEC

    Junior is a Portuguese language magazine… not Spanish…

  • pierre

    I could give a shit what language he speaks! The first photo is HOT!

  • pscheck2

    I’m not impressed! I go to the Latin ‘soaps’ and drool (yes, I’m that old!)over those twinks who are the hunks their female co-stars plot to get them to bed! My gaydar works overtime when they appear on screen! Now, do they ever appear in some Latino mag. where we could (again!) drool over them? If so, bring them on!

  • Oh well

    The first shot is hot indeed, the others, eh…

    @pscheck2, yes, the latin soaps have the hottest guys!

  • Mark

    It says “Latin” in the title, loser. And ‘gees are Latin.

  • Mark

    The original Latins were an Italian tribe inhabiting central and south-central Italy. Through conquest by their most populous city-state, Rome, the original Latins culturally “Romanized” or “Latinized” the rest of Italy. In this way the word “Latin” ceased to mean a particular people or ethnicity. Subsequently, other regions, particularly the European ones such as Spain, Portugal, Italy and France, became lastingly culturally “Latinized” by the Roman Empire. Thus, from an early stage in its history, when used as a label for various groups of people, the term “Latin” has had purely legal and cultural meanings, not ethnic.

    Brush up.

  • T_Jervis

    Spanish language magazine!?

    What the fuck?

    It’s a Portuguese language magazine, Queerty, at least bother to do the minimum fact checking.

  • T_Jervis

    P.S. Queerty, the hint should have been in the Junior link whose URL ended .br as in DOT BRAZIL.

  • Carlos

    I agree with Mark. I have Italian friends who are from Southern Italy both Naples and Sicily, and they are Latin just as much as I am since I Mexican and have a Spanish ancestry, and a Mexican indian ancestry.

  • Aquarelle

    @Carlos: Another hispanic who wishes he was white. No, sweetie, you’re not the same as a European. Get that notion out of your deluded head.

  • Carlos

    Aquarelle-Where did I say I was completely white/caucasian? LMAO can’t you read? I wrote how I am part Spanish (from Spain) and Mexican Indian as most people in Mexico are.

  • Eddie

    @Mark: You are right. I think only ignorants use “latin” or “latino” with an etnical meaning as ” mixed race ( indian, black and white )”. All over Latin America we use latin american ( Not only “latin”. ) or more commonly our nationalities. Never latin or hispanic. This terms are used in USA and latin american immigrants learned to call themselves as anglo-americans call them: latino… I think the wrong usage occurs because the majority of these immigrants are mexicans with mixed blood stock. One of the most stollen and sold passports are the brazilian ones becouse a brazilian can be of any race. It’s a well known fact that the actual north korean president visited japanese Disneyland with a brazilian passport. People from Portugal, Spain and Italy are racilly caucasian of the mediterranean branch ( There’re three branchs )and latin by culture. In Latin America we are indians, blacks, whites and also “latins” by culture. And by the way in Brazil we say “homens” not “hombres”…

  • Eddie

    @Mark: My last statement was for Queerty, not for you. Peace.

  • Mark Corsi

    Categories, categories, categories!!! Where do they get us? I was only responding to the first post implying that Latin and Portugese are mutually exclusive. But as a student of history and sociology, I only wanted to clarify this. You see, Mexicans, citizens of Mexico, can be of ANY ethnic descent, Asian, Northern or Western European, or indiginous Mayans, etc. Latin peoples are specifically those descendants of the Roman Empire of southern and western Europe. Since the natives of Spain (itself an federation of Moors, Catalonians, and Basques) by far have the most ancestors in North and South American, they have become the default “Latins” even though the French, Italians, and Portuguese can all lay claim to this label. (That was fun to clarify!) For those of you who would respond “Who cares?”, go back to your tweeting, virtual games, and other superficial interests and leave the intellectual discussion to the big boys.

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