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  • unclemike

    I’ve never used this word before in quite this way, but those pictures are really gay.

  • Fitz

    @unclemike: What, you find something unmanly about a man in a pair bejeweled low rise bikinis?

  • mmmhmmm

    Cute models, but that underwear was so ugly.

  • dlpca

    @unclemike: LMAO!

  • I pliss

    I think I hate all of them but one. These pics look like someone just got a new camera and have semi hot friends and took pics of them in different underwear! Might I ad very Chester cheetah underwear which are like 2 decades ago. Yeah underwear with a dick print anyone can shoot those. But one pic I find interesting is the one with the guy in panties. love the masc with fem undies. cute concept.

  • drresol

    *Underwear by Lisa Frank*

  • Spencer

    Most were not my personal taste, but I do not feel the photography was amaturish or that the guys were only “semi-hot.” The photography was decent for what it was (shadow photography) and the guys were most definitly good looking. There were a quite few I actually really liked: 2,7,15,16,18,25,27. The #29 vid was awesome. That is one smokin’ dude.

  • Bitch, Please!

    Here we go again with my biggest gripe about MG–another set of ad campaigns. I think this is Queerty’s ploy to push advertisments so we will pay attention. Sneaky, sneaky! Besides, who wants to see a guy taking a dump? It is not edgy, just gross!

  • Denis B-B

    Are those women’s panties in pic #9?

  • Dan

    Not that there’s anything wrong with that, right? ASSHOLE!

  • Jaroslaw

    I Pliss – semi-hot friends? You jest! I didn’t llok at them all but the first guy is adorable and the guy in video 31 – gosh what’s not to like? Hairy chest, legs arms, beautiful eyes, just the right amount of muscle…….

    Or maybe I should say – if these friends are semi-hot, let’s see some photos of your social circle…

  • alan brickman

    This guy is super hot!! don’t be jealous…

  • alan brickman

    ok change that these guys are really hot ..don’t be jealous..

  • Steven

    Haha! No-one can complain that these are all shaved, steroid-enhanced muscle-twinks! These are rather non-industry-standard models.

    I don’t like the photography again, though. Whats up with pic 22? Is that a really bad flash, or has that guy been photoshopped into a different background?

  • M Shane

    The undies have an uncanny diaper look.. It would take one incredible man to give them any appeal & a rattle mybe

  • I pliss

    @Jaroslaw: give me your email and I’ll show you my circle of friends they are all hot and all have bodies. trust and believe.

  • Casper O

    omg somebody is a worthless photographer, and judged by the rest an awful graphic designer and an even worse designer.

  • Chiagoziem

    He’s really cute and a masive cock. I luv that!!

  • sexy

    ooooh nice cock ill suck any time

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