PHOTOS: Life Is Suite For The Men Of Do Not Disturb




There’s something sexy about a beautiful hotel room. Well, at least photographer Adam Raphael thinks so (and looking at his body of work we’d have to agree). Following in the footsteps of his acclaimed coffee-table must-have Room Service, Raphael’s new photo book, Do Not Disturbs ($49.95, powerHouse Books) features a bevy of diverse male models enjoying themselves in some of the finest hotel rooms in America. It’s the perfect Valentine’s gift for a boyfriend who appreciates a good man around the house.

Raphael has been making erotic photographs of stunning young men for nearly a decade,with other titles like Book One (HM, 1999), Friends (HM, 2001), Friends & Brothers (HM, 2004) and Barely Working (powerHouse Books, 2008). His photography is widely collected and was featured in Reed Massengill’s Self-Exposure (Universe, 2005), as well magazines like Du Und Ich, XY Foto, Instinct, The Out Traveler and AX National.


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From Do Not Disturb by Adam Raphael, published by powerHouse Books.