PHOTOS: Lil’ Jon Thrills And Film Fans Chill On Sundance’s Opening Night

Over the next week, Evan Mulvihill will be reporting on the best gay-interest screenings, parties and panels at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah. (PS: Check in on our sister site, GayCities, if you’re going!)

Last night was the official start of this year’s Sundance festivities and we hit the parties hard.

At around 1am we caught hip-hop’s Lil’ Jon spinning his track “Get Low” at Downstairs Park City while film fanatics thronged him in the VIP area. (After the line “Sweat drop down my balls,” the King of Crunk told the ladies in the crowd, “You don’t have balls! They crawl, though.”)

But the really big bash was earlier in the evening, the official Sundance opening night party at the Legacy Lounge. No rap stars (we don’t think) but lots of cute folks warming up for a week of films and fun.

Click through for pictures of cute film buffs at the Sundance Film Festival’s opening night party.