PHOTOS: Liza Minnelli, Joel Grey At 40th Anniversary Screening Of “Cabaret”


PHOTOS: On Thursday, fans crowded the legendary Ziegfeld Theatre in New York, hoping to get a seat to the 40th anniversary screening of Cabaret, where cast members Liza MinnelliJoel GreyMichael York and Marisa Berenson shared memories of making the groundbreaking movie musical.

“When I won the Oscar daddy [director Vincent Minnelli] screamed so loudly right in my ear that I still have tinnutis!” recalled Liza. Friend and co-star Grey shared director Bob Fosse’s direction for the revamped version of “Money” the two sang. “He told me to imagine, like certain tribes in Africa, that I had a giant horn over my penis!”

Also in attendance were Bernadette Peters, Alan Cumming, Arlene Dahl, Phyllis Newman and Bob Fosse’s daughter, Nicole, and Turner Classic Movies host Robert Osborne.

Warner Bros. will release Cabaret on Blu-ray on Tuesday, February 5.

Photos: Dave Allocca



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  • Vidontag

    No Michael York?

  • boring

    Liza Minnelli apparently got reconstructive surgery after receiving a Glasgow smile.

    Movie is 100% badass awesome.

  • Malibu Eric

    @Vidontag: That IS Michael York. I couldn’t believe it myself. Had to do some google work to confirm.

  • gwydion

    They all look TERRIBLE.

  • Seth

    Holy Gourd, that there be a woman who can’t smile even with painted on eyebrows and mouth corners! And why’s she clutching that fur so tightly? Oxygen tube?

  • Vidontag

    God, it is Michael York. I guess he’s not well. Marisa Berenson is the only one who looks good, albeit artificially so.

  • boring

    They’re all in their 60s/70s/even 80s, they look just fine for people with limitless amounts of money and deeply troubling emotional issues and/or body dysmorphia.

  • niles

    What have they done to Liza’s mouth? It looks like the Joker but extremely lopsided.

  • niles

    Never mind, I was informed that she had a stroke.

  • Vidontag

    And Joel Grey looks fine for 80. Okay, enough superficiality from me.

  • harlemhomme


    Oh,I am so sorry to learn of (assuming info is correct) about Liza’s stroke. I , too, noticed that her mouth was particularly lopsided while speaking and in photos. My girl’s quite the trouper!

  • gppm1103

    @gwydion: honey, that’s what happens when we get older:-)

  • Dominickj

    Sheeesh what a bunch of intolerant bitchy queens writing some of these comments. You need to grow up. These people are legends…

  • toren123

    Cabaret was one of my all-time favorite films, and continues to be so. I recall listening to the soundtrack (on old LP) one Sunday afternoon many years ago. The next day my wife and I were astonished to hear our three year old daughter, playing by herself in our living room, singing, “Money, money, money, money!” For me, being a bi, Michael York was always a heart-throb (and somewhere else too) but the entire film and all the stars stand out as a remarkable (and historically sensitive) achievement. As to the appearance of the stars today, well, we all age, and for me the stars of Cabaret are remembered with admiration and fondness.

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