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  • RomanHans

    I’ve seen better pictures of bears in House Beautiful.

  • Ramon H.

    These are bears? They don’t look like that at all to me!

  • timncguy

    I thought bears were required by definition to have hairy chests.

  • Bob

    With so many hot guys there, why are there multiple shots of the same dude?

  • Sloanie

    So – basically – now anyone who doesn’t shave for a week is a bear?
    I thought this whole bear thing developed as an alternative to the twink,
    muscle & circuit scenes. Now it’s just a party theme?
    ‘Look, I have a beard! I gained 3lbs! I’m a bear’.
    Same old BS – different decade……….

  • s.b.

    Hmm i guess all those hyenas scared the bears away

  • chub4bears

    Where are the black guys??? Not important enough to photograph?

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