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PHOTOS: Luke Evans and his ‘tiny speedo’ are giving Twitter heart palpitations

Out actor Luke Evans wore a Speedo and then, get this, went into the ocean.

But the story’s not over quite yet.

After splashing around in the shallows, Luke Evans, wearing just the aforementioned swim gear and a pair of sunglasses, walked out of the water and back to his towel.

The event has lit up Twitter.

“Do You Have A Second To Talk About How Hot Luke Evans Looks In A Speedo At The Beach?” asked one commenter:

And Buzzfeed went fully nonverbal.

“Luke Evans Wore A Speedo To The Beach And My Brain Just Went ‘Sksksksks'” they wrote:

Here he is back on his chair, “flaunting” his toned physique:

And here he is doing a cool sort of stance in the water like he’s about to pounce. Man, does Luke Evans look great in his tiny Speedo or what?

Luke Evans even looks amazing in his tiny Speedo when he’s blowing ocean water out his nose. God he’s good.

Most people simply ‘wear’ a Speedo to the beach, but not Luke Evans — he ‘flaunts’ his.

Here are some other Speedos he’s flaunted:

We will update this post should Luke Evans flaunt any more swimwear on any more beaches.

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