PHOTOS: Madrid Pride Mixed Politics And Pageantry

Madrid has one of the most eye-catching gay Pride celebrations in the world—it must be something in the agua.

On Satuday, June 28, thousands of men, women and everyone in-between gather in the gayborhood of Chueca (which actually translates to “not straight”) and marched to picturesque Parque del Retiro to celebrate being out, proud and caliente—and rally for same-sex marriage and continued legal equality.

Currently, Spain’s reigning Popular Party supports civil unions but not marriage.

More than 20 floats made their way downtown under the them of “Marriage equality. Equality without cutbacks.” And a number of dignitaries and politicians joined the parade, including Elena Valenciano, deputy secretary general of the opposition Socialist Party, and Rosa Diez , representative for the Union, Progress and Democracy Party.

But it wasn’t all serious: One reveler dressed as a drag-queen Darth Vader carried a sign that read “Luke, soy tu madre” or “Luke, I am your mother!”

May the fuerza be with you.

Click through to see more images from Madrid Pride 2012.

Photos: Cazador de Imagenes


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  • The Real Mike in Asheville

    Viva espana!

  • MikeE

    holy crap! is no.16 Photoshopped???

  • Aquarelle

    Actually, “Chueca” doesn’t mean that in Spain; the word is an “americanismo.” The neighborhood is actually named for a Spanish composer, Federico Chueca.

  • Sol Invictus

    I don’t know about Chueca’s history but the Royal Spanish Academy does define “chueca” as not straight (well, it is literally defined as “torcida” in 2/4 of its meanings but it can be translated as bent or something like that).


  • Aquarelle

    I’m not saying the word doesn’t mean “not straight,” I’m saying that the word isn’t used in Spain. If you look at the definition you mention, you’ll see all the entries are marked as specific to Latin American countries.

  • Barca

    @MikeE: Ew, those abs are gross.

  • Barca

    His abs are better than mine, so I probably can’t criticize. Otherwise, Spanish guys are HOT!

  • Roxorz

    @Barca: @MikeE: I love abs but those are a little TOO tight. >_<

  • Ramon H.

    Aquarelle are you from Spain?

  • Sol Invictus

    @Aquarelle: Ah, point taken then.

  • Oh well

    From the article you can’t tell, but Spain has had gay marriage for years.

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