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PHOTOS: Masks on masks on masks, best of Queerty’s Instagram, July edition

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Quarantine Transformation

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From @thegregbloomer – “So I wasn’t going to post this on Instagram, because… well yeah (sorry grandma), but after the overwhelming reaction on Twitter and the article on @queerty I have decided to share. It’s been 90 days since I decided to make a big change in my life. A month into quarantine I was depressed and gaining weight which scared the hell out of me. I had always wanted to lose weight, and was actually working out about 3-5 times a week before quarantine which helped my health greatly, but I wasn’t shedding lbs. I decided to give a keto (very low carb) diet a chance, and the results have been almost unbelievably quick. I am also doing 45+ minutes of cardio 4+ times week. It’s not easy, but seeing the change has been extremely motivating for me. I don’t hate the attention either…. I feel better than I have in possibly my entire life, and am proud to post this picture. Being overweight (which I still am) is always difficult as it’s been so stigmatized, especially in the gay community. There is no right body type — whatever makes you happy, and has you feeling good, is the right answer for you. If someone doesn’t like it, they can choke. I’m excited to see what happens in the next 90 days! Sorry in advance for being a thot on the internet.”

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Wear a mask! And vote!

A PSA from Peppermint

Welcome to the @lgbtq community, Andres Simon!


The Jazzmyne in the mirror

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The @jazzmynejay in the mirror. ?

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Angelica Ross paid tribute to John Lewis

Keeping it casual with Michael and Corey

We’re not done protesting

If you stay COVID safe, you don’t have to get COVID safe

Dance 10, Looks 10

Beach Day with Blossom Brown

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Beach day with @blossomcbrown. ??

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When you wear a mask, but make it fashion

Oh, Canadian Pit Crew!

July was Disability Pride Month

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From @pinkmantaray – July is Disability Pride Month. Folks with disabilities, whether your disability is visible or not, I see you. You are valid. Loved. Needed. A few weeks ago, I asked for your input and your experience with disability. I am so thankful for the plethora of thoughtful responses to the question boxes, and even more DMs. I read through everything you all generously shared and amassed the information into these slides. In summary, it seems overwhelmingly clear to me that there exists vast diversity in the community of folks who experience disability. And the unifier is not rocket science: We all want to be treated as human, no matter our experience. Disability is often a misunderstood and marginalizing barrier that many folks experience and it is every non-disabled person’s responsibility to combat ableism. — Please note: I am not speaking as a person with disabilities. I did my best to simply share you all’s voices and input alongside the research I did. If I got something wrong, I’m all ears ?? — Alt text available for every slide. — #disabilitypride #disabilityawareness

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We stan Elizabeth Warren stanning Shea Coulee

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Queens supporting queens, we love to see it. ?

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We remember Lady Red