PHOTOS: Matthew Stephen Smith Is Old Hollywood Chic, Even In Briefs



PHOTOS: In an exclusive shoot for our friends over at The Underwear Expert, model Matthew Stephen Smith is giving us William Holden in Sunset Blvd. realness. Cinephiles will remember Bill as the ultimately tragic object of Gloria Swanson’s deranged affection in the Hollywood classic. Presumably, Matthew didn’t end up face down in that pool by which he’s so handsomely lounging.

Photographer Allen Zaki captures Mr. Smith in and out of a Los Angeles hotel room, as well as in and out of his clothes. Be still our collective hearts, but there’s something about a man in glasses and no pants that really gets our pulses racing. And Matthew’s not too bad looking either.

To quote Swanson, as faded movie queen Norma Desmond, “they had faces back then!” Well, they still have faces…and other, um, assets.