PHOTOS: Meet Jo-vanni Roman, Escort to America’s Leading Hypocritical Bigot George Alan Rekers

Jo-vanni Roman, a 20-year-old Miami resident and sometime-escort, has gone from being an unknown private citizen (circa last weekend) to public figure (circa Tuesday). After being photographed at an airport returning from a 10-day European trip with leading anti-gay bigot George Alan Rekers, Roman finds himself in the center of a scandal involving the Family Research Council/Focus on the Family, Florida attorney general (and GOP gubernatorial candidate) Bill McCollum, and if you want to stretch things, even Maggie Gallagher. And while much of the attention, from Jay Leno and Stephen Colbert, to the blogs and newspaper reporters, is rightly focusing on Rekers and his hypocrisy (not to mention his paying for sex), little is yet known about Roman, the young man who provided the Baptist minister with handjobs and perhaps more. There’s the argument that Roman, then, should be left alone and his privacy not exploited. Penn Bullock, who wrote the original Miami New Times story, believes as much (link NSFW). There’s some sense to that — but then again, this is a man who put his identity out there, on, selling his body for sex; he already gave up his privacy when he listed his hourly rate. We went exploring Roman’s public life, and learned that he’s loves long walks on the beach, Japanese culture, and parties where he and his friends strip down and make out. Ahead, the Get To Know Jo-Vanni gallery.