PHOTOS: Meet Jonathan Clay Harris, The Smokin’-Hot Photographer On Monday’s Drag Race

If you watched RuPaul‘s Drag Race this week, you probably noticed two things that didn’t get nearly enough attention on the episode:

1. Sharon Needles gave us Little Edie Beale realness on her kitty-cat magazine cover. (Brilliant!)

2. The dragazine-challenge photographer, Jonathan Clay Harris, was a stone-cold, granite-pec fox!

He’s based in Los Angeles, and though he used to be a casting director for film and TV, he’s now a successful photographer who’s shot campaigns for Dancing with the Stars and Girlactik Cosmetics, and done portraits of Karina Smirnoff, Chris Salvatore, Kristin Cavallari, Hunter & Jessica, and Rick Genest (the skull-faced guy from Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” video).

That’s about all we could dig up on Mr. Clay Harris—aside from a few more delicious photos after the jump. (If you know more about this talented and easy-on-the-eyes lensman please share with the group!)

Click through for more photos of Jonathan Clay Harris

Photos: Facebook, Logo


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  • Texndoc

    I just think of my beloved Blanche Devereaux: “I’m going to be on RuPaul’s Drag Race and I plan on showing cleavage.”

  • Cam



  • Texndoc

    BTW, I agree 110% about Sharon Needles’ dragazine cover. RuPaul and Michelle Visage aren’t stupid and they recognized perfection. But Chad, Latrice, Willam, and Sharon had all won the big challenges. Sharon had two wins. They threw PhiPhi a bone. Hers was very ordinary. She needed a win. Shame it was at the expense of a very very creative Sharon Needles.

  • Jeff

    I couldn’t believe they didn’t call out the obvious nod to Little Edie!

  • Spike

    @Texndoc: Thew PhiPhi a bone as in ‘the show is fixed’?

    I concur.

  • Anthony

    I don’t get the big deal being made over this guy. He’s not Quasimodo but he’s nothing above average except for his borderline bosom like pecs…

    Re: RPDR being fixed, I thought so the other three seasons, where I picked the winners in episode #1 based on how Ru and the judges addressed the contestants (cute nickname was a dead giveaway) this year, I can’t see who the fix might be in for other than *maybe* William who they are trying to make us not hate, despite his egomania….

  • Marcus

    This guy is pure perfection. The perfect blend of pretty and muscle. Marry me!!

  • ousslander

    you know porn is on that resume

  • charlie_jack

    He is obscenely pretty and a good body – would do porn excellently. However he wouldn’t go near an ordinary guy in a million years – you’d have to be so pretty to date him

  • Reece

    I wish I knew where he bought that shirt in the first pic that shows his pecs…I want one. :-/

  • Oops

    @Anthony: you’re a bit off. Willam’s exit will be surprising to say the least..

  • Alexander

    He is GORGEOUS and has the body of a god and he was so cute and charming and hilarious on the show. The perfect man and a total star!!!

  • Cam


    I don’t know, he is very nice looking but I have this horrible feeling that his body would be covered with razor stubble and he would reek of whatever moisturizer he used after body shaving. But that’s not saying the guy isn’t handsome.

  • Matt

    What a stud!

  • anon

    this is awkward. do some better googling bc this guy is bad news and a pretty awful photographer. and 40.

  • Amanda

    Jonathan hired me on 90210 and i auditioned for him a few times on Gossip Girl. He was always a true gentleman and a class act. I was shocked to see him on the show and then saw his website and was blown away my the gorgeous photos. I had no idea he was so talented in so many areas. Best of luck to him he deserves it!

  • Trey

    God he is beautiful and so talented.

  • Andrew

    I saw him on the show and was blown away by his beauty. I checked out out his website and he is amazingly talented. What a package!

  • David Morgan

    I am such a huge fan of Jonathan, not only is he an uber talented photographer, but I had the pleasure of meeting him in person this weekend at gay pride in LA and he was just and studly and sweet as he is on TV. He took the time to answer all my questions about my photography hobby but also was just so warm and kind and swoonworthingly handsome. I am in love.

  • Mike

    He is so F-ing HOT!

  • Andrew

    I love him

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