PHOTOS: Men of Ginger Answer “Who’s Your Favorite Redhead?”

Who’s your favorite redhead? Yes, of all time. Aside from Vincent Van Gogh, obviously.

We put the question to the crowd at Ginger, Cody Bayne‘s monthly(ish) celebration at L.A.’s Eagle. Is your favorite on the list?

All photos by Matt Baume for party-photo site Rolling Blackouts.

GINGER-5780 - ian

Here’s Ian, a tattooed dancer who was a crowd-favorite.

GINGER-5783 - james and keith

James and Keith love Kathy Griffin and Lucille Ball, which is the correct answer to the question.

GINGER-5786 - stuart and luke

Stuart and Luke are Lucy fans.

GINGER-5789 - marco and kyle

Marco and Kyle listed a trio of favorite redheads: the girl from Charmed, Lucille Ball, and Lana del Rey.

GINGER-5793 - daryl and emmanuel

Daryl and Emmanuel agreed that their favorite redhead was Ginger dancer Daniel Blair — who, sadly, was out of town that night, but you can still go drool over his Model Mayhem profile. Also, how about that half-harness on Emmanuel, va va va woof.

GINGER-5795 - tim shane and juan

Tim, Shane and Juan are big Daniel Blair fans as well.

GINGER-5797 - michael and charles

Michael and Charles couldn’t decide who was their favorite: Tilda Swinton (only an occasional redhead, guys) or Pippi Longstocking. Specifically Pippi in the South Seas.

GINGER-5799 - matthew dave and kenneth

Matt, Dave, and Kenneth like Daniel Blair as well. Here you can find a picture of him dressed as Robin.

GINGER-5802 - william and miss honey bee

William and Miss Honey Bee like Poison Ivy and Lindsay Lohan. Both are trouble.

GINGER-5911 - devon m

Here are Devan M and Ian’s ink.

GINGER-5988 - ginger boys

Our favorite redheads are these two dapper chaps.

GINGER-6214 - ginger woof

We kept gesturing for these hotties to squeeze closer together — not because we actually needed them to for the photo, we just liked seeing them rubbing against each other.

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