PHOTOS: The Tattooed Musclemen Of Michael Alago’s “Beautiful Imperfections”

10-Michael_Alago_72A veteran of the music industry, Michael Alago discovered Metallica, signed Nina Simone and produced Cyndi Lauper, but these days you’re more likely to find him behind a camera than a soundboard. Alago revisits the well-muscled territory he explored in previous photo books, Brutal Truth and Rough Gods with his latest offering, Beautiful Imperfections.

Featuring over 120 portraits by Alago, Beautiful Imperfections is the first commercially published book of photography shot entirely with the Hipstimatic iPhone cam app. The photographer will be signing copies this Friday, June 14, at New York queer bookstore, BGSQD, before kicking off a month-long exhibition at Portland, Oregon’s Cock Gallery with a signing on July 31. We caught up with Michael to discuss beauty and the eye that beholds it.